3 Signs A Woman’s Really Pissed Off (How Far Would You Go for Revenge?)

We get married hoping the guy we said “I do” to isn’t a lying, cheating, bastard. These women put all their eggs in the wrong basket and when they found out they took extreme measures to show their pain.

Forgivable or too far? I won’t lie, I found this billboard to be pretty funny – sort of seems like the route I might take should I, God forbid, ever wind up in a similar situation. That said, I do think I would regret the purchase in the morning once the revenge high wore off and I glanced at all the digits on the receipt once again….ha…well, ladies, what say you?


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Guest Rant: How Rachel Zoe Made Me Feel Better About Putting Off Getting Married and Having Kids

Rachel ZoeThis morning I’m psyched to introduce you all to Man Wife and Dog’s first regular guest blogger. We’re going to call her “Girlfriend” from here on out, okay? Why? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. You know all those lovely comments you leave me? I read ‘em all, and if I had a dollar for every one that started with the phrase “I’m not married yet, but…” I would be able to buy a new overpriced handbag.

The truth is, many of the topics I discuss on the blog are issues you don’t have to be married to relate to. I don’t want to leave those of you who are in a serious committed relationship but not yet wearing a wedding ring out – cause I heart you too. So, alas, I brought in a girlfriend who will stop by on occasion to bring us some insight from a slightly different perspective – that of the woman on the road to marriage who hasn’t quite arrived their yet.

So, ladies, meet Girlfriend. Girlfriend, meet my ladies (and some gents). Be sure to show her some comment love you guys!

I’m not married, I don’t have a ring on my finger and there’s little chance any of this will change in the next six months. “Tick-tock, tick-tock”, says every fear-mongering medical pundit on TV. “Your biological clock is winding down and if it doesn’t happen soon it may never happen.” (Great, thanks for the advice.)

Trust me, I’m happy for all my friends that found lasting love in their 20’s and are now celebrating a decade together with houses, family vacations and 2.5 kids. It’s just didn’t work out that way for me. From bad boys who broke my heart to men who loved me (just not enough to make it permanent), I’ve sat on the sidelines long enough to recognize that I’ll never be a young newlywed or a twenty-something with a toddler. I’ve struggled alot with this in the past, but then I finally saw something that strengthened my resolve that I’ll not only be a cool bride, I’ll be an even cooler mom.

As a fan of Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project, I’ve watched the celebrity designer fiercely defend her right to be a career woman first and a mom second. No matter how many times her friends, family and husband tried to peer pressure into getting knocked up, Rach (who is no spring chicken herself) would remind them how hard she’s worked to establish herself (like me) and worry if she was ready to juggle both motherhood and a full-time career in Hollywood. Many a hater called her out for being “selfish,” but is not having kids before you’re ready such a horrible thing? (P.S. After three seasons of saying “no” Zoe finally got pregnant on HER terms despite her lingering personal fears.) Continue reading

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Q: Is A Marriage Ever Truly 50/50?

Over the weekend The Man and I had a lot to juggle and we knew the only way we’d get it all done was to work together as a team. Teamwork has never been a problem for us but sometimes division of labor is. We both want to do what we’re good at and the things we’re not so good at sometimes tend to be the tasks we put off or avoid altogether. Ideally a marriage is said to be a “fifty-fifty”, but is it really? There are so many moments where someone in the partnership is giving or doing more than the other, and sometimes these “moments” turn into weeks or months. It really all depends on the circumstances.

For instance, my husband is a better cleaner and has way more time on weekdays to cook, so he does more of both during the week, and ultimately overall. I feel a lot guilt over this but then I think about my career and how much time it takes away from my marriage. It’s not that I don’t want to do those things; it’s really that I can’t seem to find enough time in the day or week to get to them all. In those moments I feel like my husband’s doing 70 percent of the work needed in our marriage and I’m online doing thirty. Then, on the other hand, I think about the times when my husband’s working two jobs (like now) and because of it is exhausted most of the time when he’s not at work. When he’s sleeping, I’m knocking out what needs to be done (grocery store runs, dog walking, etc.) Those days I feel like I’m the one giving 70 percent to compliment his thirty.

Yes, they say a good marriage is 50/50, but I don’t agree. I think a healthy marriage varies between being 70/30, 60/40, and all the other combinations, and ultimately what matters instead is that together your efforts make 100 percent and the scale shifts often. No one should bare the heavier side of things for too long at once, that’s just not healthy or smart!

What’s the percentage breakdown in your marriage?

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Spill It Ladies: Do You Have A Naughty Wedding Day Secret?

sherri shepherd wedding photoI know what you’re thinking: What inspired this one, Wife? Well I was researching the latest news on The View host Sherri Shepherd yesterday (I interviewed her for work – she’s a doll!) and I stumbled across this video clip about how she went commando on her wedding day. Yup, she said “I do” totally pantyless. Rumor has it the advice came from bridesmaid and good friend Niecey Nash. I love that she did it, and even more so that she fessed up to it.

It got me to reminiscing about our wedding day and whether or not I had any naughty little secrets to share. Truth is, I do. Wanna hear it? Here it goes: I was completely nerve free up until the last few minutes before our ceremony began. When the nerves finally hit me, like a freight train, I hit the bottle – well, sort of. I took three tequila shots back to back right before I walked down the aisle. I was literally downing the last one when I heard our music cue up.

For some people that’s no big deal, but for a lightweight like me it was a huge mistake. Before I could even make it to the beginning of the aisle I felt lightheaded. Add to that the shock of seeing 150 smiling faces all staring at me, and I was seriously stunned. I confess, I was a little – okay a lot – tipsy going down the aisle. People thought I was sweating because it was sunny and I was nervous, but it was all the Patron’s fault – ha!

But, not to worry, I didn’t let it ruin the moment. I was quickly sobered by the momentous magic of the moment, but when I first met The Man at the altar he winked at me and mouthed: “How many shots did you have?” (He knows all my silly expressions.) I mouthed “Three!” He then whispered: “Meet you in the bathroom after the ceremony?” LOL! We never made it there but we laughed all night about what people must have thought we were saying to each other up there. So there you have it — my naughty wedding day confession. Watch Sherri’s confession and then share yours – don’t be shy, okay? I know you have one!

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Viral Video: Man Uses StumbleUpon to Propose to Girlfriend

StumbleUpon Proposal Photos Tyrel Will You Marry MeIn recent awesome proposal news, a man teamed up with popular social sharing site StumbleUpon to propose to his girlfriend. The Wyoming based pair, who don’t have a TV, often “stumble” across things together for entertainment on date night. Tyrel contacted Stumble Upon and got them to agree to rig his girlfriend Marquita’s account so she would just happen to stumble upon this awesome Tumblr page with a series of photos of him with signs asking her to marry him. (Um, so sweet, and SO smart!)

I tell you these proposals just keep getting better and better. That said, her reaction did surprise me. She was oddy calm. Plus, in what quickly became my favorite part, she actually says, “How are you paying for this?” Wow! Not the reaction I’m guessing he wanted to hear. Way to remind him that your marriage will be plagued with debt Marquita. But anywho, congrats you two! Here’s the video. Watch and share your thoughts, ladies.


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Hot Topic: Is A Sorry Sex Life Grounds for Divorce?

couple no sex stop sign in bed imageWhen I read the Jezebel headline “Man Fined $14,000 for Not Having Sex With His Wife”, you know I, like the rest of the site’s visitors, had to click right away to find out what exactly went down.

As it turns out, two yeas ago a 47-year-old woman in France convinced a judge to grant her a divorce citing that that her husband was to blame for the deterioration of their marriage. In a recent second round of court battles a judge ruled that her ex-husband has to pay up for not giving it up. The ruling states he must pay $14,000 for “lack of sex over 21 years of marriage”.

Wow! That’s a long time to go without sex, I agree, but I’m I don’t see a reason to be fined for it. Do you? The judge had this to say:

“A sexual relationship between husband and wife is the expression of affection they have for each other, and in this case it was absent … By getting married, couples agree to sharing their life and this clearly implies they will have sex with each other.” Continue reading

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