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A Homemade Recipe for A Happy Wife

The other day someone asked my husband a very interesting question. They said: “Your wife seems to smile all the time. How do you keep her so happy?” Now, he laughed at first, because he knows good and well there … Continue reading

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What Does Your Desk Say About Your Marriage?

Remember that time my refrigerator “décor” triggered a little reflection about how we live and run our lives? Well, it happened again – only this time it was at work. I believe that the way we decorate and arrange the … Continue reading

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Fun Idea: “Toy” Around With Your Family Photos

The Man and I recently gave up our protests and gave in to getting iPhones. I’m so happy we did! Forget all the silly reasons why we refused to succumb before, we did and we’re in app heaven now. Last … Continue reading

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Fab Posts Friday: Handbag Reveals, Emotional Walls, Man Minds and Much More!

Hey everyone. As many of you may have noticed, I skipped Fab Posts Friday last week. (Crazy new job = So tired!) It’s not like me not to share the link love so this week’s a jam-packed edition. Enjoy! Here’s … Continue reading

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Fab Posts Friday: Husband Communication Failure, Fantasies Gone Wrong, The Ready For Baby Checklist And More!

I read these posts this week and loved them so much I had to share. Bet, you will too! In The One Where The Hubby Doesn’t Listen and Injures Himself my girl Dai over at ALovelyDai delves into the idea … Continue reading

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Fab Posts Friday: Mastering the Art of Hook Ups, Burning Movie Questions, A Kid Birthday Party Fail, and SO Much More!

I read and adored these blog posts this week and I promise you will too! TGIF! If you saw the movie Jumping the Broom already you are going to laugh you’re a** off at The Ye Yo Diaries‘ burning questions … Continue reading

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