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Why Do We Want Marriage to Fail? (The Will and Jada Effect)

Yesterday when InTouch Weekly reported that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were “separating” after thirteen seemingly blissful years of marriage the Internet world went bizzerk. (Admit it, you choked on your coffee a little.) Before the couple, or their rep, … Continue reading

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New Marriage Stats: Northeasterners Less Happy, Men More Intensely In Love

With marriage getting such a bad rep these days in the news, it’s nice to hear something positive about it pop up every now and then. Results of a recent study conducted on married American couples revealed that three quarters … Continue reading

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Weird Wife News: Til Death Do Us (Not!) Part?

Every now and then you read or see something in the news that is just so disturbing you have no words. This was one of those moments for me. Seriously, I have no words…just watch. (These reality TV casting people … Continue reading

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Study Says: He’ll Ditch You If You Get Fat (Grow Up Guys!)

Okay in recent what-the-hell-is-with-people news, a recent study revealed that 50 percent of men polled say they would dump their partner for putting on extra pounds. Full disclosure: I battle with my weight constantly, so I could be slightly … Continue reading

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E-Mail Snooping Controversy: Is It Ever Okay to Check Your Husband or Wife’s Email?

Advice columnist Amy Dickinson, who’s behind the Ask Amy column in The Washington Post, came under fire this week when she gave what many felt was absolutely terrible advice. A woman wrote to her saying that her husband hated her … Continue reading

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A New Sex Game For Married Folks You May Not Want to Play

I overheard two women giddily talking about something called the “forty beads” game in line at Dunkin Donuts the other day and using the word “sex” quite frequently in the conversation. I seriously couldn’t wait to google what the heck … Continue reading

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