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The Big Fight Over How to File Our Taxes

I would be lying if I said I didn’t see this one coming, but I guess I thought it would go down a lot smoother than it has. For the past month, The Man and I have been ignoring a … Continue reading

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Should Men Get Gifts On Valentine’s Day?

Every February as Valentine’s Day approaches The Man and I argue about who the holiday is really for. I hint that I have a special gift for him in mind, then he says, “Baby Valentine’s Day is not fur us, … Continue reading

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Study Says Changing Your Name Could Cost You Thousands (Say What?)

Remember that little letter I wrote to my husband explaining why I wasn’t yet ready to change my name to his? Well, according to a recent study I may be on to something here. Apparently new research has shown that … Continue reading

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A Look At The Closet War Between Couples (And How I Sort of Won Ours!)

One thing The Man and I have in common is that we both like to be well-dressed. This means we both buy a lot of clothes, and since we don’t yet on a house and dwell in a moderate apartment … Continue reading

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Virgos Deemed Worst Drivers Ever (Great, Yet Another Reason to Fight In The Car)

Have you heard? A recent Allstate survey says that Virgos are the worst drivers hands down. (Full disclosure: I’m a Virgo, and my husband is a Taurus.) I obviously think this is crap, but I’m really agitated because I know … Continue reading

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If You Get Divorced Who Gets the Dog?

Found this very, very interesting article on today. It’s all about pet custody battles and how they’re becoming more and more popular on court dockets these days. Here’s a snippet: “According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, attorneys … Continue reading

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