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Ladies, Is He Listening or Are His “Husband Ears” Turned On?

Yes, we woman, can and often do talk a lot about what we want and need done in our homes, our careers, and especially our marriages. Some of us more than others, but either way, communicating is most likely what … Continue reading

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Ladies Should Your Man Get a “Dadchelor” Party Before Baby?

I read about a new “trend” today. It’s called the “dadchelor party”. Think: Baby shower for men with shots instead of champagne and a side of strippers. Not kidding! Now, when I first read what it was all about before … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Husbands Is…

Today I’m honored to be the guest blogger over on one of my favorite wife blogs, Untypically Jia – great stuff – and I thought I’d give you girls a little preview of what’s going on over there. Today I’d … Continue reading

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Real Wife Confession: Yes, I Destroyed My Husband’s Favorite Shorts

I’m a kind, loving, and mostly-reasonable wife. Or, at least I’d like to think I am. We’d have to double check with The Man after this confession goes live to be sure. I’m confessing this morning about something I did … Continue reading

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MAN VS. WIFE: There Is A “Right Way” to Load the Dishwasher

Rant Alert: I’m about to spend about 300 words going off about something many of you could care less about. I get that, and I’m warning you ahead of time to stop reading now if you just throw your dishes … Continue reading

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VLOG: The Fight Over Not Fighting (Go Figure)

Today I’m sharing another vlog from The Man that I’ve been meaning to put up. This one’s hilarious for the simple fact that what started as a sweet vlog about how we weren’t fighting in the car (for a change!) … Continue reading

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