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3 Signs A Woman’s Really Pissed Off (How Far Would You Go for Revenge?)

We get married hoping the guy we said “I do” to isn’t a lying, cheating, bastard. These women put all their eggs in the wrong basket and when they found out they took extreme measures to show their pain. Forgivable … Continue reading

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Q: Is A Marriage Ever Truly 50/50?

Over the weekend The Man and I had a lot to juggle and we knew the only way we’d get it all done was to work together as a team. Teamwork has never been a problem for us but sometimes … Continue reading

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Spill It Ladies: Do You Have A Naughty Wedding Day Secret?

I know what you’re thinking: What inspired this one, Wife? Well I was researching the latest news on The View host Sherri Shepherd yesterday (I interviewed her for work – she’s a doll!) and I stumbled across this video clip … Continue reading

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Hot Topic: Is A Sorry Sex Life Grounds for Divorce?

When I read the Jezebel headline “Man Fined $14,000 for Not Having Sex With His Wife”, you know I, like the rest of the site’s visitors, had to click right away to find out what exactly went down. As it … Continue reading

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Meet A Wife Monday: Fashionista Wife and Mom Mimi Stops By

Drumroll, please! It’s Meet A Wife Monday! Now as you know, a lot of things inspire me to want to keep my marriage healthy and happy. One of them is meeting other wives who are making it work every day, … Continue reading

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Our Little Blog Baby Turns One Today: A Look Back at the Best of the Love

It’s my little blog baby’s birthday today and I couldn’t be more proud of her first year of life. She’s come a long way since her inception on September 4th, 2010 and her parents have too. When I started this … Continue reading

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