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4 Marriage Moments When You Should Shut Up and Count to 10

If you’re married, you’ve been there, at least once or twice. You know, that moment when you realize a series of words just flew right out of your mouth that you wish, more than anything, that you could just suck … Continue reading

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HELP! I Need Your Apple Pie Recipes Fast

Yes, I am a silly wife. The silly wife who has never baked anything before and still who promised her husband that if he went apple picking with her on Sunday instead of watching football that she would bake him … Continue reading

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Ladies, Is He Listening or Are His “Husband Ears” Turned On?

Yes, we woman, can and often do talk a lot about what we want and need done in our homes, our careers, and especially our marriages. Some of us more than others, but either way, communicating is most likely what … Continue reading

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Girlfriends: When His Kids Aren’t Your Kids Are You A Non-Entity?

Remember last week when I introduced Girlfriend, our new regular guest blogger, who tells it like it is in her brand spankin’ new I’m Not Married But… column on Man, Wife, and Dog Blog? Well here’s her latest installment – … Continue reading

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Problems Married People Have: Are You Still Friends With An Ex?

The Man and I honestly don’t fight about much, but one of the biggest blowouts we’ve ever had was over an ex boyfriend of mine. Back then we weren’t actually married, just seriously dating, and he didn’t like the idea … Continue reading

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3 Signs A Woman’s Really Pissed Off (How Far Would You Go for Revenge?)

We get married hoping the guy we said “I do” to isn’t a lying, cheating, bastard. These women put all their eggs in the wrong basket and when they found out they took extreme measures to show their pain. Forgivable … Continue reading

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