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The Tale Of The NOT SO Great Summer Date

This post will probably be a bit painful for me to write because the thought of reliving the experience my husband and I had over the weekend even once more kind of makes me cringe. So listen up closely because … Continue reading

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Just Asking: How Often Do You Say I Love You?

My husband said “I love you” first because I was too chicken to do it and I waited him out. Once he said it, I started saying it back, and there’s been nothing but “love” between us ever since. In … Continue reading

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Why We Shall Be Known As Mr. And Mrs. Honey Badger From Now On

Have you met the honey badger? “It’s pretty badass, look.” Now if you’re not laughing out loud right about now then you definitely haven’t seen the You Tube video sensation, The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall). It’s … Continue reading

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E-Mail Snooping Controversy: Is It Ever Okay to Check Your Husband or Wife’s Email?

Advice columnist Amy Dickinson, who’s behind the Ask Amy column in The Washington Post, came under fire this week when she gave what many felt was absolutely terrible advice. A woman wrote to her saying that her husband hated her … Continue reading

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30 GREAT SUMMER DATES: 5 Reasons You Need Karaoke Therapy

We’re back with another great date idea to keep you both busy this summer. Ever tried private karaoke? If not, you should, like next weekend. On a Friday night The Man and I teamed up with a few friends and … Continue reading

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A New Sex Game For Married Folks You May Not Want to Play

I overheard two women giddily talking about something called the “forty beads” game in line at Dunkin Donuts the other day and using the word “sex” quite frequently in the conversation. I seriously couldn’t wait to google what the heck … Continue reading

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