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The Four Letter Word that Could End Your Marriage

This headline reeled me on in today on AOL and I’m super glad I clicked. This video features TODAY Show Financial Editor Jean Chatzky discussing the four letter word all couples should beware of if they want to increase their … Continue reading

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30 Great Summer Dates: Fondue for Two

Say farewell to typical dinners and find new fun with an “experience meal” instead. That’s what The Man and I sought out to do on Saturday night when we ventured on over to The Melting Pot to dine on some … Continue reading

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Problems Married People Have: How Do You Make Up?

The other day I told a friend my husband and I were having a rough week and arguing a lot and she said, “that means you’ll have a weekend full of make-up sex, so I’m actually jealous of you.” Funny … Continue reading

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30 GREAT SUMMER DATES: Please Don’t Sleep On The Zoo

We had a chance to accompany our good friends to the Bronx Zoo over the weekend and since we can never get enough of our godson Liam we decided we’d take them up on the offer. I’m seriously glad we … Continue reading

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Study Says: He’ll Ditch You If You Get Fat (Grow Up Guys!)

Okay in recent what-the-hell-is-with-people news, a recent study revealed that 50 percent of men polled say they would dump their partner for putting on extra pounds. Full disclosure: I battle with my weight constantly, so I could be slightly … Continue reading

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What Made Him Marriage Material?

The other day I posed a question on Twitter and Facebook that wound up being a very popular one. The question: What’s the number one reason you married your spouse? I knew it would be a tough one – it’s … Continue reading

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