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Meet A Wife Monday: Oklahoma Wife and Mommy Kanesha Stops By

Drumroll, please! Meet A Wife Mondays has returned, for good this time I’m hoping! Note: If you know great wives who want to share their love stories and advice, please pass along my email. Would love to have them stop … Continue reading

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Study Says: He’ll Ditch You If You Get Fat (Grow Up Guys!)

Okay in recent what-the-hell-is-with-people news, a recent study revealed that 50 percent of men polled say they would dump their partner for putting on extra pounds. Full disclosure: I battle with my weight constantly, so I could be slightly … Continue reading

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Dear Husband: Don’t You Dare Stop Believing

Dear Man, It’s been awhile since I wrote to you, but I saw a look on your face the other night during our weekly money meeting that made me cringe a little, and I’ve been thinking about it so much … Continue reading

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What Made Him Marriage Material?

The other day I posed a question on Twitter and Facebook that wound up being a very popular one. The question: What’s the number one reason you married your spouse? I knew it would be a tough one – it’s … Continue reading

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Ultimate Style Challenge for Bloggers (Deadline Extended)

Hey ladies! Wanted to share this fun opportunity with you before it slips my mind again. is sponsoring a summer style showdown for bloggers and the winner will receive up to $700 worth of select clothing from their site. … Continue reading

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The Tale Of The NOT SO Great Summer Date

This post will probably be a bit painful for me to write because the thought of reliving the experience my husband and I had over the weekend even once more kind of makes me cringe. So listen up closely because … Continue reading

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