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Study Says: Fighting Can Be Healthy for Your Marriage

More new marriage insights coming your way this week thanks to a social scientist over at Ohio State University. Clair Kamp Dush analyzes more than 2,000 married people over a 20-year span (wow, that’s commitment!) and discovered that those couples … Continue reading

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Problems Dog Owners Have: The Dog is Watching Her Weight

This one is for all my dog owners out there. The Dog, like most dogs, frequently begs for table scraps. (Despite all her better home training.) This isn’t unusual, but lately it’s pretty darn funny. Why? She’s begging most often … Continue reading

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Why Do We Want Marriage to Fail? (The Will and Jada Effect)

Yesterday when InTouch Weekly reported that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were “separating” after thirteen seemingly blissful years of marriage the Internet world went bizzerk. (Admit it, you choked on your coffee a little.) Before the couple, or their rep, … Continue reading

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The Four Letter Word that Could End Your Marriage

This headline reeled me on in today on AOL and I’m super glad I clicked. This video features TODAY Show Financial Editor Jean Chatzky discussing the four letter word all couples should beware of if they want to increase their … Continue reading

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6 Pointless Arguments You Shouldn’t Have (Period!)

It’s no secret that arguing from time to time is a part of married life. Hey, no marriage is peachy all the time. The thing is, as The Man and I embark on our newlywed journey I’m beginning to truly … Continue reading

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30 Great Summer Dates: Fondue for Two

Say farewell to typical dinners and find new fun with an “experience meal” instead. That’s what The Man and I sought out to do on Saturday night when we ventured on over to The Melting Pot to dine on some … Continue reading

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