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Ladies Should Your Man Get a “Dadchelor” Party Before Baby?

I read about a new “trend” today. It’s called the “dadchelor party”. Think: Baby shower for men with shots instead of champagne and a side of strippers. Not kidding! Now, when I first read what it was all about before … Continue reading

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Just Asking: Did Premarital Counseling Work for You?

When we got engaged a lot of people recommended that we speak to a counselor or reverend before we tied the knot. We weren’t necessarily against it but we just never got around to making an appointment. Neither of us … Continue reading

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The Wife Turns 29 Today (Thoughts on Your 20s, Marriage Before 30, and Dreaming Big!)

I’m 29 years young today (well, technically at 10:38pm officially) and my husband tells me if I put up birthday announcements for him and The Dog I just must do the same for myself. So, why not? Here’s my official … Continue reading

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Meet A Wife Mondays: NYC Mom Quiana Stops By

Now as you know, a lot of things inspire me to want to keep my marriage healthy and happy. One of them is meeting other wives who are making it work every day, and loving it! I knew quite a … Continue reading

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Problems Married People Have: Are You Still Friends With An Ex?

The Man and I honestly don’t fight about much, but one of the biggest blowouts we’ve ever had was over an ex boyfriend of mine. Back then we weren’t actually married, just seriously dating, and he didn’t like the idea … Continue reading

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7 Reasons to Believe In the Power of Marriage

If you let most newscasters and bloggers tell it, marriage isn’t “in” anymore. Everywhere I look there’s a new study or story on why people aren’t getting married, waiting much longer to get married, or just plain miserable in their … Continue reading

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