Ladies, Are Flowers All You Need to Feel Sexy on Valentine’s Day?

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Okay, I confess. I’m one of those people who only watch the Superbowl for the commercials. You die-hard sports fans don’t get to judge me, okay? Great. Now, did you catch the commercials last night? As usual, there were hits and misses, but I really hope you caught this one. It’s from Teleflora, the flower retail giant, who had a message for all men out there who fear royally screwing up Valentine’s Day: Great flowers are all it takes to make her happy, Happy Valentine’s Night. I smirked when I saw this one, but apparently many commercial critics (yes, they’re blogging about it already) weren’t so amused. Some accused the super sexy commercial of insinuating that men can pay for sex, well, with flowers.

Now granted, I honestly thought it was a Victoria’s Secret commercial until the company’s logo came up in the final seconds, but once I figured it out, as a wife, that wasn’t what I got at all. When I ended, I immediately thought, well, hey, sometimes it really is the little things that often send the biggest messages, right? If my husband could pick out a flower arrangement as sexy as the one they showed in this commercial (which will of course, cost a pretty penny to have delivered to me on Valentine’s Day), it would certainly put me in the mood.

Men can be totally clueless when it comes to V-Day, even with coaching from other guys. My husband’s a great guy, but he’s picked me up from work before on Valentine’s Day holding a little red stuffed bear holding a stale box of chocolates with a CVS $12 price tag still hanging from it. It happens. So, yes, I’ll admit, I don’t need a fancy floral delivery to want to make love to my husband on Valentine’s Day, but a gift that says, hey I spent longer than 30 minutes thinking this through, will certainly increase his chances. But hey, that’s just this married woman’s point of view. Watch it now, or for the second time, and tell me what say you, ladies (or gents)?

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2 Responses to Ladies, Are Flowers All You Need to Feel Sexy on Valentine’s Day?

  1. I agree with what you said regarding men being clueless about what to do for their significant other on occasions like Valentine's Day…I didn't see anything wrong with the commercial but you know some are a little more critical of the SMALLEST things. I don't really get hype about receiving flowers, because they don't last long but I do love when I receive something that I know my husband took a little more time to get or plan. (Edible Arrangements) :)
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  2. This makes me giggle, because my husband and I just had a related conversation. Last year, he completely overlooked V-day. Don't get me wrong, he's a wonderful guy…but he didn't even get a card. I was totally hurt. There were tears, which made me feel silly, because, really…isn't the everyday that counts? He came home the next day with chocolate, a card, a huge houseplant (I'm not into spending money on flowers that die, and he knows it, so this was a special touch), and he'd ordered perfume and a pink phone case for my new android. It was a lot…and it made it obvious how bad he felt. But…the damage was done. This year, I told him I didn't want to go out on V-day b/c so many people would be out and the service wouldn't be as good. His disappointed face gave it away. He'd already made plans. Doh! Gotta love marriage!
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