Wondering If He’s The One? Marry the Man Who….

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Is he the marrying kind?

I’m often asked by readers (and girlfriends) exactly how I knew my husband was The One? That’s actually a tough question. Don’t get me wrong, I have many reasons for choosing Man to be my one and only, but those reasons may not be the same reasons that seal the deal for another woman. When it comes to choosing a spouse, honestly, to each it’s own. He has to be right for YOU, not me.

Now, that said, there are some “guidelines”, if you will, that I think every woman can look to in order to determine if the man she’s dating is the marrying kind. I wrote up a little list. Keep in mind, these are my thoughts and feelings, not fact. When it comes to love, you must always make the decision that’s best for YOU.

I just think these little “rules” will help you weed out the men waving giant red flags your way.

Marry the man who…

Isn’t afraid to say I love you.

Loves and respects you as much as he loves and respects his mother.

Isn’t too proud to admit he doesn’t want to lose you.

Listens even when you think he isn’t.

Watches you sleep.

Kisses you on the forehead.

Would rather cut off his hands than put them on you.

Who isn’t too ashamed to keep calling you when you won’t take his calls.

Can never refer to you as “the one who got away” because he always knew he couldn’t live without you.

Will stand up for you no matter what.

Will learn something new for you.

Will try something new for you.

Brings out the best in you.

Would be willing to miss his team play in the finals to spend a special evening with you.

Respects your friends and family as much as he respects you.

Doesn’t just text you, but rather, will pick up the phone and call you because he needs to hear your voice.

Who shows you his softer side, and admits the things he’s most afraid of.

Thinks you’re pretty without makeup.

Is patient with you.

Calls you beautiful instead of hot.

Wants to show you off to the world whether you’re in sweats or an evening gown.

Who speaks with love and not anger.

Who doesn’t need to be told you need him, he can just tell.

I could go on, and on, and on ladies, but you get the drift, right? If you’re single, I recommend taking a few notes. If you’re married, send this one to your single girlfriends okay?

Wives, add to my list below!

Happy Friday!

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23 Responses to Wondering If He’s The One? Marry the Man Who….

  1. middlechild says:

    I'm married but just wondered if you had an extra one of those "Marry the man who……"'s.

  2. I knew when he asked me to move in with him after only 3 weeks of dating. Why? He knew I'd likely end up homeless if I didn't. My lease was up, my unemployment was done, I had nowhere to go and no money. He wanted me to be with him so I'd have a place to sleep and get back on my feet. It takes one hell of a good character to ask a girl you've barely started dating to move in with you to keep her from being homeless.
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    • ManWifeDog says:

      I think that's beautiful. I believe one hundred percent that there is NO time limit on love. When you know, you know. Three weeks, three days, three minutes. I'm so glad you found an amazing man to journey through life with. Yeah for team #truelove.

  3. Lisa says:

    That is quite a list you have! Not sure you can get all of those qualities but coming close to it is a wonderful thing.
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  4. daisy1998 says:

    I always said I would marry a man who watched me sleep (just once or twice then I would be over it lol) and makes me breakfast in bed on the superficial/shallow end of things. I also want to marry a man of Faith who will pray for me and our family that is a MUST!

    • ManWifeDog says:

      I do think the watching you sleep thing is SUPER romantic. It says so much. Every now and then I would catch Man doing it and I'd say, "You're watching me sleep!?!?" And he actually said once: "Yes, because it gives me time to just look at you and think about how in the hell I got so lucky." My heart melted…such a kind man I've got. Must always remember to appreciate the positives in him because they are so special.

  5. vlong says:

    I just read this post out loud with the BF and gish… he actually does all of those things. I guess he MUST be a keeper. In the beginning I had my hang ups on dating him, but this actually reassured me that love does exists and I can't blame him for my past. He is showing me what love really is. I have to open my arms and to receive it..

  6. I am blessed to be newly engaged & very excited about it. I must cosign this list ! You nailed it. I have been feeling great about saying "Yes" and this list really made me feel even better today (and I didn't think that was possible) LOL
    My recent post Happy New Year !

  7. @TheProDiva says:

    I LOVE this list! Like you said, single gals have to find the one for THEM. One lady's one may not be another's, but I think your list incorporates many neutral elements that the ONE should have. For example, every gal should want a mate who thinks she's beautiful when she's not wearing makeup…who will stand up for her even when she's wrong. This list should be the floor…the standard! By the way, Happy New Year Sis!

    • ManWifeDog says:

      Happy New Year sis!!!! Yes, this should most definitely be the standard. I'm so glad you enjoyed the list. I wish I could spread it to the world…ha, so many women don't understand that they deserve AT LEAST these types of things. :-)

  8. Frank says:

    Guess im a man to marry then lol. Think my girlfriend should treasure what she gots, lol ;p
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  9. missalid says:

    Great list! I remember the first time I noticed my boyfriend, now husband, watching me sleep! What a great feeling when you're falling in love! For me, I knew my husband was the one because he always took me and things going on in my life into consideration and made things just easy. For instance, I travel a lot for work and would be very busy helping my family take care of my grandmother, etc. He would take it upon himself to do my grocery shopping (at least the staples) when he did his on the weekend. To me, it was his way of saying, "I'll save you an hour or two just to make things easier for you."
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    • AshleyAshley says:

      Wow. This is so beautiful. I’m single, and don’t have a list of “in love” type traits I’m seeking. Making your load easier however is the best thing I can fathom and is what my heart desires. I don’t need him to stare at me in my sleep as long as his heart is good. That’s so beautiful he would pick some things up from the store for you. I love it. Thanks for sharing :-)

  10. Jenice Riley says:

    This list is on point! But so too is my love my best friend and soul mate:) Pretty much made the whole list:) .Initially I had a list of only 7 things that I needed to have in the right one, he had all 7 including the bonus (which would be quite a feat for the average Joe). Yet as I go through your list, I realized he had every last one…how awesome is that?! I'm completely in awe at how amazing it is to know that you know that you know list or no list. For me, he was simply the one because he and I had the same core values and he has most beautiful character of any man I've known. We're utterly grateful and humbled to think we could ever be this blessed and favored by God. However, on one final thought, it's great to think that the right one is the one you have, but its even sweeter to know you're also that right one too. It's very important to become the right person first, then you will be more likely to attract the right person to you.

    • AshleyAshley says:

      “He has the most beautiful character of any man I’ve known.” Wow. I LOVE it! Why? Because ones character is the essence, the drive, the reason for what one does and to have your husband have that kind of great character? Ugh. I love it. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Love2Lovegrl says:

    My current man friend does everything on this list but we differ in religions and that is a stressful point. I love him and want to be with him but the spiritual differences seem insurmountable.

    • ManWifeDog says:

      I've heard a lot of women say that a spiritual difference is insurmountable, so you're not alone there. I think that part of loving each other is loving the full package — a person's religious beliefs included. You don't have to agree there if you agree on how to love each other and start/raise a family. I've even known couples where they go to separate churches every Sunday. They make it work and if you keep the dialogue open and talk about the reasons you both feel it's insurmountable, you may find that there's some room for compromise there. ;-)

  12. Bingreal says:

    Wow! I have just found your blog posts via search. The content is very real and relevant. Thank you for sharing it. I am embarrassed to say I have always been more concerned with how much I contribute to a relationship than how much I receive. This is not a practice I would recommend to anyone. It has not worked for me, so I just stopped dating completely 8 yrs ago. Recently, I started seeking resources that would assist me in becoming better equipped to reenter the ‘single and looking’ catagory. I’m all ears…

  13. amandla says:

    He is. I always tell him he Is my beauty. A reflection of God’s love for me. And he moved in to my life at the right time, when I am matured and know exactly what I want. The list is a perfect description of him. Am lucky!

  14. I'm married but just wondered if you had an extra one of those "Marry the man who……"'s.

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