6 Romantic Holiday Rituals to Try

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I adore holidays. I enjoy anticipating them, celebrating them, and especially embracing the spirit of them. Holidays are my thing. My husband calls me the “holiday guru”. Okay, so you get it, I freakin’ love holidays. Now, let’s move on…

Over the years Man has grown to appreciate some of my little holiday traditions and he’s adopted many of them as his own favorites. He recommended I shared our list of must-do rituals for the season with our readers. So here goes! These are 6 holidays traditions we recommend couples adopt this season. Hopefully any that apply will inspire you to add more precious and unforgettable memories. Tis the season for love and sharing after all…

The Double Header Movie Night

Everyone has that one (or two!) holiday film they’re a total sucker for, just must watch, and always arouses their seasonal spirit. Share yours with your partner and plan a double-header night. Popcorn (we put ours in these fabulous bowls we got as wedding gifts) and warm blankets are a must. Oh, and no pausing, and tears of joy welcome! (My pick is always The Family Stone and Man’s is Love Actually.)

Your Own Personal Tree Lighting Ceremony

If you’re celebrating Christmas and plan to put up a tree, go ahead, make a big deal of it. New York’s Rockefeller Center shouldn’t get to have all the fun! We reserve an entire evening, plan out the tree décor in advance, create a playlist of our favorite songs, and wear silly Santa hats. We toast hot cocoa (the Man makes from scratch) and place a new sentimental ornament we bought to represent that year on our tree.

Holiday Card Photo Shoots

Set the timer on your SLR, grab your coziest (or silliest) outfits for you, the kids, and your pet, and get in front of that tree. The results will make for great homemade cards and some seriously funny memories. Click here to see our favorite awkward family photo from last year.

Set the Stage for Togetherness

During the holiday season you spend a lot of time gathered around your dining room table – making it the perfect place to display your best seasonal décor skills. We host Christmas breakfast at our place so we make a point of picking out a new and special table setting each year. Last year we chose a reindeer theme courtesy of Target (see!), but this year we’re going for something a little more chic – which you’ll get a peek at real soon.

Make Sweet Memories Together

Scope out a sweet holiday dessert recipe you think you’ll love then head to the kitchen together. If you nail it, you’ll have delicious treats to share with each other and your holiday guests. If you don’t, you will have at least had fun trying, promise. We attempted to build a gingerbread house last year and failed terribly. This year we’re going to stick to cookies. (I found some great holiday cutters at Home Goods last week – go there, now!)

Share Your Reflections

Another year is coming to an end and whether it was a good one, a long one, or a rocky one, you’ll undoubtedly have feelings about the last 365 days. Share them with each other. We recommend getting holiday cards and writing letters to each other inside. In our letters each year we share our favorite memories we shared with each other, and the ones we look forward to making in the New Year. After we read our cards we talk about it and from those discussions usually comes inspiration and vision for our next year together.

What are some of your romantic holiday traditions? Inspire us and share!

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22 Responses to 6 Romantic Holiday Rituals to Try

  1. We tried the gingerbread house thing last year too! I did not know they were hard to do and actually require some skill. The kids and my husband enjoyed picking the house apart and eating it. We are still going to attempt to put one together this year for fun.
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  2. Kelly says:

    This is really a good source for a healthy relationship with your partner. Thanks for sharing this ideas. I will try it right away for a romantic moment with my wife. The cookies are very cute who made it?
    My recent post how to meet women

  3. It is so important to do things with your spouse/partner. I think it makes you feel even more connected to each other.

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  4. Homemade hot chocolate? I'd love the recipe for that!

    We need to start some holiday traditions of our own. I was hoping to start with a tree, but hubby hasn't bought it yet lol.
    My recent post Studies Continue to Show that Marriage is Good for Your Health

    • ManWifeDog says:

      Hey! This is the homemade hot chocolate recipe we found on google two years ago and swear by. It's easy and YUM! SARAH'S BEST HOMEMADE HOT CHOCOLATE
      1 tbsp. cocoa powder
      2 tbsp. sugar
      2 tbsp. water
      1 c. milk
      a bit of vanilla, if desired

      Combine cocoa, sugar, and water in a small saucepan. Heat it on low heat, stirring occasionally to prevent the paste from sticking to the pan. After about 1 to 2 minutes, add milk and vanilla. Mix it all together until it reaches your preferred temperature.

  5. Suzan says:

    Sharing an ornament for each other on Christmas Eve…then each year you can reflect back at the years before;….taking turns soaking and mmmmmmm smelling the black rum Christmas cake;…..taking one day during the Christmas month to fast and reflect on all your blessings;…..cuddling up Christmas morning and have breakfast watching ..A Christmas Story…….and during the Christmas season and all the year….hold each other's hands look into each other's eyes….and pray together. Amen/Amin

  6. TheProDiva says:

    Great tips Sis! Especially the personal Christmas tree lighting ceremony. I will be hosting a ceremony for two this weekend!
    My recent post Martini Thursday!!!

  7. cassandre says:

    umm, i think my husband and i have work to do.. we do not have a shared relationship beside cleaning the house together and once it's ready taking a nap..lol..

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  10. It is so important to do things with your spouse/partner. I think it makes you feel even more connected to each other.

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