Ladies Should Your Man Get a “Dadchelor” Party Before Baby?

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I read about a new “trend” today. It’s called the “dadchelor party”. Think: Baby shower for men with shots instead of champagne and a side of strippers. Not kidding! Now, when I first read what it was all about before watching the video, I though to myself, why not? Parenthood is a big and exciting change, so why can’t men celebrate it too? But I also thought most men wouldn’t care enough to want to have one. Then I watched the below video of a dadcehlor party in action and had a slight change of heart. This guy’s wearing a “it’s a boy” sash and throwing them back like know tomorrow with a stripper pole in sight — complete with diaper kegs and all.

Not quite sure a man “deserves” to go out and behave like a college frat boy just because his wife is pregnant with their first child. If I told Man that me and my baby bump were headed to the club to dance the night away in celebration of the child’s impending birth he might think I’d lost my mind. Wouldn’t yours? Ladies, what say we? Are dadchelor parties silly? Or just something new? Watch and tell me…men, you’re welcome to weigh in too!

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16 Responses to Ladies Should Your Man Get a “Dadchelor” Party Before Baby?

  1. Mrs_Mommy_MD says:

    Ha! Silly men…

    I mean I am all about celebrating this new chapter in life….but from a "being the one who is pregnant standpoint", I think it's the woman who deserves the "party" – we do all the work ;-) There are other ways WE can celebrate together outside a club and popping bottles. Whenever the hubby went out during my pregnancy, there was always a little saltiness from my end bc I felt left out…and hormonal. LOL
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  2. Yeah….no way in hell. :)
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  3. Anna says:

    I read about a cute dad shower. They had it at home, played games and placed bets on the baby like how long it will be, weight, gender, etc. I thought that was really cute. But really, this is something taken on by both member of the relationship. They should just have a party together with friends… and no strippers..

  4. HA! I posted about this too. It's crazy. The ones I've read about aren't even about the baby. It's an excuse to behave like a frat boy.

  5. Life As Wife says:

    Going out all bachelor style is a little excessive but I agree that some sort of vacation/celebration before baby is nice! What is more appropriate? A baby-moon or a last bunch of dates you won’t be able to do with baby right away (movies, fancy dinner etc.)

    If daddy-to-be wants some alone time that’s fine too! Girls! Get a pedicure and read a book by the pool. At least that’s what I miss doing the most!

  6. A baby shower for men, sure. A dadchelor party with strippers? Not gonna happen.
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  7. Luanna says:

    Dadchelor party with strippers? Uuh.. thats going out of line i guess.. I totally agree with you Briana!
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  8. I think they should do something fun…..but I'd need to clarify that definition of fun in advance.
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  9. modernmarriedchick says:

    Um…he gets to pop bottles, and I get morning sickness and fat ankles?
    Naw, bruh. Not even.
    But I do agree that you can have cute co-ed showers where the couple together celebrates the coming of the new baby.
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  10. TheProDiva says:

    I totally do not have a problem with this. I prefer this alternative instead of the whole Jack and Jill baby shower. Those seem to creep me out!
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  11. Jewel says:

    Good idea – as long as the father to be and his friends don't get too carried away and end up doing something they regret. Both me and my DH went out quite a bit during my pregnancy. I made the most of it, knowing it would be much more difficult to do for the next 15 years or so ….

  12. Austin Girl says:

    I personally wouldn't care if Wildcat went to a strip club. In all honesty, he would probably go watch college football and drink beer with friends.
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  13. Tiffany In Houston says:

    This is a FAIL. If he wanted to have some drinks with the boys and smoke some cigars in honor of becoming a dad, then fine. Making it rain on some strippers..uh no. (And this is from a chick who doesn't mind her husband going to the strip club!)
    My recent post Year One: The Wife

  14. Lini says:

    My Shower is coming up and I wanted to have a dadchelor party for my husband as well- trick is to plan it WITH him (even if its only him and the boys attending)

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