Viral Video: Man Uses StumbleUpon to Propose to Girlfriend

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StumbleUpon Proposal Photos Tyrel Will You Marry MeIn recent awesome proposal news, a man teamed up with popular social sharing site StumbleUpon to propose to his girlfriend. The Wyoming based pair, who don’t have a TV, often “stumble” across things together for entertainment on date night. Tyrel contacted Stumble Upon and got them to agree to rig his girlfriend Marquita’s account so she would just happen to stumble upon this awesome Tumblr page with a series of photos of him with signs asking her to marry him. (Um, so sweet, and SO smart!)

I tell you these proposals just keep getting better and better. That said, her reaction did surprise me. She was oddy calm. Plus, in what quickly became my favorite part, she actually says, “How are you paying for this?” Wow! Not the reaction I’m guessing he wanted to hear. Way to remind him that your marriage will be plagued with debt Marquita. But anywho, congrats you two! Here’s the video. Watch and share your thoughts, ladies.


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8 Responses to Viral Video: Man Uses StumbleUpon to Propose to Girlfriend

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Okay…about the "how are you paying for this question"…totally valid. I didn't say it aloud during our proposal, but I have to admit that immediately after he asked, that thought crossed my mind as well.
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    • ManWifeDog says:

      Ha! I hear you Jocelyn. I was upset she blurted it out so quickly but you're right, I think most women do think about it in the moments immediately following. Thanks for the comment love!

  2. she was REALLY calm. It was cute how nervous he was. I love love. :)
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  3. Jacobs says:

    Very funny video :D She deserve what happen to her the idea was really smart
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  4. she was REALLY calm. It was cute how nervous he was. I love love.
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  5. Its no news anymore, almost everything has gone digital.

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