6 Pointless Arguments You Shouldn’t Have (Period!)

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husband wife argument retro maid we dont have cartoonIt’s no secret that arguing from time to time is a part of married life. Hey, no marriage is peachy all the time. The thing is, as The Man and I embark on our newlywed journey I’m beginning to truly understand the difference between a necessary fight and an unnecessary one.

The other day when I was picking his pants up off the floor for the millionth time and as I walked toward the hamper I felt my blood reaching it’s usual boiling point. I was ready to take those pants and shove them down his throat. But wait; I know how that episode ends. I lose my mind over a pair of pants, rant and rave for a good hour, agitate him to no end, and watch our night turn sour – fast. Perhaps a new approach was in order. After all, by now I’m fully aware of the fact that no matter what I say or how I say it, or even how bad I make him feel, The Man is not going to put his pants in the hamper when he comes home. It’s just not going to happen.

So if I know all this already, why fight it, right? Well my new goal is to steer clear of unnecessary drama, no matter what. Even if it means swerving out of the lane I’m most comfortable in – also known as going off and trying to have my point heard – and practicing more patience instead.

Which leads me to this little list I’ve been working on. The following things just aren’t worth going to bed angry over, I promise you. (Note: Many of these we learned from experience, the hard way!)

Don’t argue over…

Who drives better.

There’s probably no way either of you will ever agree on this one, and can’t you imagine what car rides and road trips would be like if you just cut the crap altogether and agreed to disagree? Tolerable, I’m sure.

Who hogs the blankets.

Let’s see here. You have a warm blanket and a warm body to snuggle up with at night. What’s the problem? Could be worse!

A clear misunderstanding.

Example: The Man was angry because he called my phone like seven times in a row and I didn’t pick up. I was angry that he didn’t consider the fact that it was still on vibrate from work earlier, or that I might have left it in the car so I could carry both our drinks out of dunking donuts. Clearly a common misunderstanding; yet we spent at least twenty minutes arguing over why it happened. Total wase!

Temperatures in the home.

I like it warm, he likes it hot – we bicker about this so often, I swear one day we’ll come home to find that the central air bailed on us and left a breakup note on the kitchen counter. As my father once put it, that’s what blankets and windows were invented for. We can make it work, or make a big fuss over it. It’s obvious which one is better for our daily sanity.

Petty cash.

We divide our bills and savings in way that allows for each of us to have a little “petty cash” of our own to work with each week. What we do with it is our own business, and it should stay that way. I shouldn’t have to justify why I spent $30 on lip gloss and he shouldn’t have to hear me wine about how often he gets a shape-up. Just silly, don’t you think?

What to watch on TV.

DVR was invented for a reason, and I wish I could go hug the person who thought of it. Pure genius!

What do you unnecessarily argue over in your home? Confess, girls! (And make me feel a little better.)

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20 Responses to 6 Pointless Arguments You Shouldn’t Have (Period!)

  1. I.White says:

    We often express our opinions over how loud the tv in our bedroom should be at night. I do not like the tv being on. I have compromised by allowing the tv but at a low volume. He likes a blasting tv to fall asleep to. If I turn it off or turn it down, he will wake up to turn it back on. I guess he won the battle because every night for the past 7 yrs. I have simply learned to just drain that darn blasting tv out. Argh…
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  2. I need to read at night to fall asleep. My husband doesn't like ANY light on at bedtime. I had a small light installed on MY side of the bed. He doesn't like it. He wants to ban reading at bedtime so that HE can go straight to sleep. Makes me see red. Grrrrrr!

  3. J.O says:

    I like the ceiling fan off — he likes it on. Also, he NEVER shuts the shower curtain.. EVER!

  4. what about shutting the toilet seat? he doesn't then i wake up in the middle of the night to the dog getting a nice cold drink. LOL
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  5. The Student says:

    We definitely have the "misunderstanding" arguments regarding the cell phone. In fact…had one just this morning. My phone was on vibrate. We argue about what to watch on TV (we have DVR) most often during football and basketball season. I'm getting ready to put my sports watcher's wife black veil and funeral clothes on now as the season is starting. Blah! Oh and…hubby is always, ALWAYS, hot. He freezes me out of my own house.

    Other than those things…we argue about who will wash dishes…a chore we both hate.
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  6. Where do I begin? I like to sleep with the fan on; he complains it's cold. I prefer to sleep with the TV off; he likes it on and it's usually loud. I like for the dishes to be washed ASAP; he'll let them sit in hot water until the water gets cold. I beg him to take out the trash; I end up taking it out. There's some things you shouldn't argue about but there's some that just drive me crazy!
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  7. I have definitely learned to give in a little and to pick my battles. I think driving is one of our ongoing "debates". I am trying to understand my husband's perception of time. Sometimes his definition of in a few minutes doesn't always amount to that. More like, Oh I forgot.
    I am learning to just laugh………
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  8. Angela says:

    I try to not argue as much as I used to. We would have the same argument over who snores louder. Obviously, unless we installed a camera to monitor our habits, there's no way we could settle that debate.
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  9. I have learned (the hard way) to let things go! When he does things that drive me crazy, before I go off, I try to think of all the things I do that probably drive him up the wall. Helps to put things in focus a bit. :)
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  10. Clark Minn says:

    My neighbor had this issues.. Last night, I hear them arguing at the TV shows.. I will share this blog to hem both.. So that they are aware how silly they are.. Thanks for posting this interesting blog..
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  11. Thank, Q says:

    I just let The Mrs. handle the thermostat and I just dress accordingly. She will keep it cooler than I prefer, but it's not too bad. I'm more concerned of its affect on the power bill than I am anything else. LOL!
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  12. Rene says:

    Love this! I was able to get him to put the seat down 99% of the time by explaining to him that all the yucky germs in there fly around when the seat is left up! DVR has saved us from many a pointless argument about what to watch! Having more than one TV in the house also helps! And he likes the tv on when he's headed to sleep I like quiet and pitch blackness – I would prefer not to have a tv in the room at all… Its not worth the argument. He turns the volume down low and I use a sleep mask!
    Your blog is great!

  13. annie says:

    so basically what your saying is accept the fact the it is our job to clean after them and let them and let them be a messy as they choose?

  14. helen says:

    Thank god I m divorced!!

  15. Jaelynn Elcampello says:

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  16. piknu says:

    I agree. And I admire you because you can stop the argue when you reach that point :)
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