New Marriage Stats: Northeasterners Less Happy, Men More Intensely In Love

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black couple jumping the broom at wedding ceremony

The Man and I jumping the broom at our wedding ceremony. Good times!

With marriage getting such a bad rep these days in the news, it’s nice to hear something positive about it pop up every now and then.

Results of a recent study conducted on married American couples revealed that three quarters of them are still “very in love” after decades of married life. Hooray for that! Ironically, we live in the Northeast, where the same results reveal that only a third of married couples were “intensely in love”.

I’m going to go out on a limb here, since I’m no psychologist, and say that judging from the amount of time my hectic work schedule leaves me to spend with my husband, quality of life probably has something to do with this stat. Working fourteen-hour days and enduring long commutes on both ends, don’t make for happy husbands or wives by the time you get home. It’s hard to feel intimate when you’re exhausted!

On the brighter side, the rest of the married couples in the country seem to be doing just fine. Men, slightly more so than women, in a surprise twist. Forty-nine percent of men checked off the “very intensely in love” answer, while forty-six percent of women did the same. I must say, I would think those numbers would be flipped. (If I had a dollar for every time my husband told me how much crap men talk about their wives at work…)

Another tidbit worth mentioning is that the happiness levels for those couples surveyed who have been married over thirty years dropped during their second decade of marriage, then increased again during their third decade. AKA, they made it work. Love that!

Have you seen a rise and fall in happiness throughout your marriage so far? Would you have answered “very intensely in love”. I would have, but hey, I’m a newlywed, so that’s expected, right? I want to hear what those of you who’ve been married longer than us have to say.

Let’s talk about the happiness factor. Real talk: Are things always peachy?

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8 Responses to New Marriage Stats: Northeasterners Less Happy, Men More Intensely In Love

  1. Being a southern girl, currently living in the northeast. I just think overall people in the northeast are less happy at least in the winter, which sucks. Okay moving on. Marriage is not always peachy, but what in life is? I think at 9 years, I can still say intensively in love. However, the definition of love isn't just all hugs and kisses, it now encompasses much more.
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  2. (I just wrote a book and deleted it) We are going on 2 years on Monday 8/15. We fight/argue like crazy, but I am obsessed with my husband. Intensely in love.

    Things are rarely peachy – but how can things always be rainbows and candy. We live in the real world, work 15 hours a day, and are exhausted at the end of each day. ( We don't even have any kids yet.)
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  3. hannamay says:

    the photo was great.. it shows a great happiness in that moment.. hope your marriage will be great as you expected..
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  4. We're still newlyweds too but very much past that ooey, gooey phase. Sure, we love each other dearly and definitely won't be going anywhere any time soon but we have our moments. My in-laws have been to hell and back in their one month shy of 45 years marriage but even through all that, they still love each other. My mother in law is not super affectionate to my father in law but when he went through open heart surgery in April the love and tenderness she had for him shone through when I went with her to the hospital. Absolutely amazing and beautiful.
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  5. I was married for 24 years. That isn't forever but it is a long time. I didn't leave my relationship because I thought the grass was greener. I left for peace of mind. I didn't like who I was becoming. I was not a happily married woman.

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  6. When my children grew up and graduated and were off into the military and college, I took a long hard look at my life and set some goals. My husband was not supportive of me at all during our marriage and I was a married single parent.

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