Why We Shall Be Known As Mr. And Mrs. Honey Badger From Now On

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Man and Wife in our honey badger shirtsHave you met the honey badger? “It’s pretty badass, look.” Now if you’re not laughing out loud right about now then you definitely haven’t seen the You Tube video sensation, The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall). It’s beyond hilarious and in a weird way very inspirational. Okay, you’re confused. I get it. Watch the video, and then I’ll explain right after, promise.

[youtube width=”520″ height=”380″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg[/youtube]

Now that you’re all caught up on all the awesomeness that is the honey badger, I’ll tell you how I came to know him and why we can’t get enough of him now. (See our t-shirts?) So The Man comes home one night from work and says, “My team and I are going to refer to ourselves as the honey badgers from now on at work!” Of course I’m baffled. So he opens up the laptop and shows me this video. After I almost choke on my iced tea from laughing hysterically the whole way through, I find myself compelled to watch it again, and again.

my husband in his honey badger don't care t-shirtThe honey badger rules, people. Why? Because he can take anything that comes his way (Cobra venom, really!? Amazing!), he’s fearless (who enters a beehive unprotected?), and he goes for what he wants – always. Look, “honey badger don’t give a shit.” This, my friends, perfectly describes the outlook I’d like my husband and I to always have on life, and most importantly, in our marriage. Sure it’s a rough analogy but the message just rings so true. Just like the honey badger’s predicament, life won’t make it easy to get to what we want, and it will try to steal our joy at times. But, we will try our hardest and when we tire just take a nap and get back up still greedy for more of the best that’s out there. We will be Mr. and Mrs. Honey Badger! So seriously, all jokes aside, honey badger, we salute you!

Note: If you’re interested, we got our his and her honey badger t-shirts from here. (And they won’t break the bank, promise!)

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14 Responses to Why We Shall Be Known As Mr. And Mrs. Honey Badger From Now On

  1. Alovelydai says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!! Very cute!
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  2. Mrs_Mommy_MD says:

    That video is hilarious! "Thanks for the mouse, stupid!" LOL!
    My recent post Music Monday

  3. The Student says:

    Okay…now I get it…lol! Funny. I love the shirts.
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  4. Thank, Q says:

    This video is super funny! LOL! I cracked up during the entire thing. I can't wait to share this.
    My recent post The Prettiest Female

  5. Chasing Joy says:

    Funny Video!!! I want to be a Honey Badger too.

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    My recent post Feel Good Friday – Versatile Blogger Award

  6. That's one funny video…and you have T-shirts! too lol
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