Super Sweet: 2 New Surprise Photo Shoot Proposal Videos

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Now you ladies already know I’m a sucker for a super sweet proposal moment. Here are to more GREAT ones I found to share with you all.

Introducing Siysanga and Lebo’s proposal video. What I love most about this one is that it’s so low key and just so raw with emotion. She looks so surprised and so very happy, doesn’t she? He looks so nervous and excited to ask. I love it when she says “oh baby!”. Awwwwwwwwwwwww! And what a pretty, pretty ring! Good job guy, good job!

For all you men out there who think you need to spend hundreds for a rock her socks proposal, you’re wrong. This was just perfect!


This one is Brittany and Chris’ proposal trailer. Looks like she thought they were having a fun video/photo shoot also, then bam, there’s the ring. Love it! Best wishes to both couples!


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4 Responses to Super Sweet: 2 New Surprise Photo Shoot Proposal Videos

  1. JL Pastor says:

    I'd love to share my marriage proposal video with you ! As two interminable travelers from different parts of South America the chances of my -now- wife and I meeting were slim, yet what’s fascinating about this story is how close we came on so many occasions to meeting, only to drift away again…until Facebook came. You can see how Facebook took a predominant presence in the way I proposed to Marce here, enjoy :)

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