How Did You Display Your Wedding Photos?

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how to display your wedding photos unique ways to display wedding photos

We FINALLY got around to giving our beautiful wedding photos the love they deserve. We opted for framing them in all sizes in RIBBA dark brown wall frames (IKEA) throughout our living room. Have you put yours up on display? If so how’d you do it? And how on earth did you narrow down which ones? More photos of how we did it after the jump…

how to display wedding photos unique wedding photo ideas

our wedding photo on display in our house


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15 Responses to How Did You Display Your Wedding Photos?

  1. Lil Z-Bear says:

    You're right, narrowing it down was impossible…so we have a large portrait of the two of us hanging on the wall, and a digital frame in the hall that rotates our favorite wedding pictures.
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  2. The Student says:

    Ugh! We are so terrible. We have not displayed any of our wedding photos. I mad the suggestion that we put a few of the really romantic ones up in our bedroom (which we are redecorating) but my hubster totally squashed that idea. They'll go out somewhere…one day…I hope. :)
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  3. Glad you brought this up…

    Back in April, when I spring cleaned our apartment, I took the time to assess the mood of my husband and I. We had been bickering needlessly, rolling our eyes at each other, and generally not working well together as a team.

    In the middle of the night, as I was taking a break from scrubbing the walls, I began looking through our photo boxes, and came across all the letters, notes and cards we had written each other when we were long distance dating.

    I sat there in the middle of the night, groaning at how much in sappy love I used to be with my guy. I wrote things like, "You are my earth…" I shake my head to think about it. :) I read the letters he wrote to me and by sun rise the next morning, I'd already chosen dozens of cards and neat letters to frame in IKEA Ribba frames that I buy almost in bulk every time I go. I placed a plaque I bought in Target above the photo shelves the new pictures rest on. It says, 'And they lived happily ever after…"

    Just seeing the progression of our relationship, from courtship to marriage, to our life with these 3 crazy kids, reminds me to hang in there. That I'm still in love. For my husband, he says its nice to see our reasons placed in plain sight, for us and our family & friends to see.
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  4. Awwww they look fantastic! What great photos! We have been married five years and they are still sitting in a box! One of these days I will get around to it. I do have a few framed on a bookshelf but that it is. Totally pathetic!

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