Fab Posts Friday: Mastering the Art of Hook Ups, Burning Movie Questions, A Kid Birthday Party Fail, and SO Much More!

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Jumping the broom review kids mad science birthday party theme and article about black women being ugly
I read and adored these blog posts this week and I promise you will too! TGIF!

If you saw the movie Jumping the Broom already you are going to laugh you’re a** off at The Ye Yo Diaries‘ burning questions recap I Liked Jumping the Broom But I Still Have Questions. Seriously, funny!

In the The Art of the Hook Up on No Longer Unemployed, No Longer A Bride a wife breaks down what you should and should not do when you get a hook up from a friend who works somewhere you’re going.. So funny, and so on point! Read up on your hook up etiquette ladies, now.

In My Son’s Mad Science Party, A Parent Fail Angry Wife from Angry Julie Monday shares fabulous photos from her son Angry Kid ‘s rainbow themed mad-science birthday party and her guilt for taking three picks of him blowing out the candles; none of which he’s actually in. Mommy’s will enjoy this, promise!

Did you see that controversial Psychology Today article explaining why black women are perceived as less attractive? Well I did, and it pissed me the hell off. Before I could write about it, I read Hey, Did You Hear I’m Ugly over on How Mama Got Her Swagger Back and I felt compelled to write no more. Her post shares my sentiments exactly and is written with such maturity and class. Well done! If you had a reaction to the article, don’t miss her take on things.

The Workspace of the Week on Unclutterer always inspires me to get my home and work office in order. You gotta check it out girls! Enough said.

After The Man’s little vlog rant about the size and contents of by purse, I was tickled when I saw this Wallet to Tote Tutorial on Sew, Mama, Sew teaching how to make a wallet that actually turns right into a tote. I can’t sew, but if you can, you gotta try this and then if you love it make me one. (Pretty, please. The Man will thank you!)

When it rains and I get restless I watch movies I never would have before; the wife from Lovelace Files goes on The Craigslist Hunt. (And she’s damn good at finding good stuff there) Check out what she found, and I betcha you’ll be inspired to give Craigslist some play this weekend. I was!

Has one of your blog posts been featured on Fab Posts Fridays? Yes? That’s pretty awesome. So awesome in fact, that you do know it’s totally okay to pat yourself on the back a little right? Here’s a fun badge for your blog sidebar to help you do so!

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8 Responses to Fab Posts Friday: Mastering the Art of Hook Ups, Burning Movie Questions, A Kid Birthday Party Fail, and SO Much More!

  1. Thanks for the link love, I grabbed a badge too!

  2. princessofgeekadonia says:

    Gee, Charli! You sure know how to make somebody's day! Like, for-real-for-real! Thanks for the shout out!!!!!!

  3. ManWifeDog says:

    Thanks ladies! I posted the version with all the typos by accident before — sorry. Ha! Glad you enjoyed. (It's a much better read now, promise!
    My recent post Fab Posts Friday- Mastering the Art of Hook Ups- Burning Movie Questions- A Kid Birthday Party Fail- and SO Much More!

  4. {JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After says:

    Yeah, that "Black women are unattractive" article {I refuse to call it a study, as it wasn't one} was too much. Looking forward to reading her take on it.

    As always, thanks for this post – something to read while Zavier's nursing and I've got downtime. ;)
    My recent post Perhaps motherhood has turned me into a bit of a wuss…

  5. Thanks to these links I now have some fab new blogs to peruse. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Gee, Charli! You sure know how to make somebody's day! Like, for-real-for-real! Thanks for the shout out!!!!!!

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