I Think I Just Learned to Love Myself A Little More (Thanks Glasses!)

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It’s no secret that in life to get past a fear or an insecurity you have to face it. For as long as I can remember I felt self conscious about wearing glasses. I never wore mine in middle school, high school or college, then forgot them once when I went to take a DMV vision test and passed without them. From that day on I SWORE I didn’t need them (total denial!) and I’ve been squinting my way through life ever since – until now. After suffering through the endless vision-related headaches at work and the many many nights of squinting my way through posts for you guys to read I finally got real and got some glasses. The funny thing is, now that I have them I don’t know why I was ever too vain to wear them. Right now, I love them so much I don’t even want to get contacts! Ha! How ya like me now? I think this wife just learned to love and accept herself a little bit more.

love yourself and be confident in your glasses photos

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8 Responses to I Think I Just Learned to Love Myself A Little More (Thanks Glasses!)

  1. tmpringl says:

    You look cute with glasses! From a fellow glass-wearing cutie :)
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  2. Lanita says:

    You are definitely rockin' thme. They look fabulous!!
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  3. hiphopmuse says:

    From one glasses-wearing chick to another…you wear them well. Glasses rock!
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  4. TheProDiva says:

    You look cute with your new specs! I have the same problem: I'm supposed to wear glasses, I have glasses, and I don't wear them. I just don't like them! Every now and again I'll wear my contacts, but that's once in a blue moon. Maybe if I got some cute glasses like yours……..Anyway, you look great!
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  5. Tiffany says:

    Those frames are super cute!!!
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  6. Twitter Bestie says:

    Now we're twins! Cute, cute!

  7. Cute! I have worn glasses since the SECOND grade. I have a really bad astignatism. Now they make contacts for it, but I haven't ever had the slightest desire to get contacts or lasik surgery. Boys DO make passes at girls who wear glasses!
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  8. here says:

    I thing I have learned a lot of new things from the different new prospective. I have just gotten more and more effective values on the same result. This element has too much valuable for the highest forms. Love is too much important component for the survival of the same result.

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