I Think I Just Learned to Love Myself A Little More (Thanks Glasses!)

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It’s no secret that in life to get past a fear or an insecurity you have to face it. For as long as I can remember I felt self conscious about wearing glasses. I never wore mine in middle school, high school or college, then forgot them once when I went to take a DMV vision test and passed without them. From that day on I SWORE I didn’t need them (total denial!) and I’ve been squinting my way through life ever since – until now. After suffering through the endless vision-related headaches at work and the many many nights of squinting my way through posts for you guys to read I finally got real and got some glasses. The funny thing is, now that I have them I don’t know why I was ever too vain to wear them. Right now, I love them so much I don’t even want to get contacts! Ha! How ya like me now? I think this wife just learned to love and accept herself a little bit more.

love yourself and be confident in your glasses photos

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7 Responses to I Think I Just Learned to Love Myself A Little More (Thanks Glasses!)

  1. tmpringl says:

    You look cute with glasses! From a fellow glass-wearing cutie :)
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  2. Lanita says:

    You are definitely rockin' thme. They look fabulous!!
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  3. hiphopmuse says:

    From one glasses-wearing chick to another…you wear them well. Glasses rock!
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  4. TheProDiva says:

    You look cute with your new specs! I have the same problem: I'm supposed to wear glasses, I have glasses, and I don't wear them. I just don't like them! Every now and again I'll wear my contacts, but that's once in a blue moon. Maybe if I got some cute glasses like yours……..Anyway, you look great!
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  5. Tiffany says:

    Those frames are super cute!!!
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  6. Twitter Bestie says:

    Now we're twins! Cute, cute!

  7. Cute! I have worn glasses since the SECOND grade. I have a really bad astignatism. Now they make contacts for it, but I haven't ever had the slightest desire to get contacts or lasik surgery. Boys DO make passes at girls who wear glasses!
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