Almost Wordless Wednesdays: The Start Of Our Family Tree

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Man WIfe and Dog family tree photo
I’m one of those people that looks for meaning and value in everything I see and do. I chose to post this picture we took together last weekend in the park because when I look at it I see a lot more than two people who couldn’t wait to have a reason to wear shades again. I see beauty, I see life, I see happiness, and I see family – our family tree – and the space on each side of us makes me imagine how sweet it will be to watch us grow that family and fill up the bottom of the tree. Not ready for babies just yet (as you know from that infamous letter I wrote my husband) but the warm what-if thoughts that came to me when I stared at this photo are the closest I’ve come to being ready.

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9 Responses to Almost Wordless Wednesdays: The Start Of Our Family Tree

  1. Josef says:

    You all should plant a tree :-)

  2. Untypically Jia says:

    Gorgeous photo chica!
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  3. integratedmemoirs says:

    Cute picture!

    When those feelings come, babysit someone's baby The f.eelings will quickly go away, LOL!
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  4. Jake Corrie says:

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  5. Kate says:

    Gorgeous photo and beautiful words!
    family tree
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  7. Henli says:

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