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We had so much fun last week dedicating songs to our husbands — thanks so much to all the participants in last week’s homework! Now, on to this week’s matters of the heart:

The Assignment

There’s always an element of excitement involved when you do something for the first time – especially when you do it together. Is there something you or your husband have never done before and always wanted to that you could do together? Now I’m not talking about bungee jumping here – hey, if you have the time and the means to go out and do that this week more power to you – but rather the smaller things that you keep saying you “should do” or “want to do” but just haven’t. There really is a first time for everything, especially when it comes to love. Sit down together and have a conversation about a few things you’ve wanted to try or do lately and see if there’s a way you can share the “first” together. Remember you don’t have to over think this or make it too difficult. Think: Going to an oxygen bar, renting a bike and taking a ride through a nearby park, or maybe facing a fear. Try to plan a time to do this “thing” together. It could be a first for you, or him, or for you both – doesn’t matter just plan to do it. What was it like experiencing something this first together? Did it make the moment that much more special? Was it memorable? Did it turn out to be a total bust or a disaster? Share the “first”, how it went, and the emotions that were involved. (Note: If you’ve already shared a first recently, just blog about that. Star pupils who stay ahead of the class are always welcome here!)

My Homework

Although my husband and I do have so much in common with each other there are still things we’re opposite on. Up until recently, going to church was one of them. Without getting too much into our personal religions here I’ll say this: I grew up with church having a presence in my life and he did not. Though we share a belief in God we’ve never been in agreement on how one should go about praising him. It was never a deal breaker within our relationship, just something we didn’t always see eye to eye on. The important thing is we’ve always respected each others wishes on this subject and agreed to disagree at times – until Easter. My husband had never stepped foot in a church (not even at our wedding because we got married outside) and after thinking about how wonderful and inspired I’ve always felt after a service (not that I go as much as I should) I felt like there was no way I wasn’t bringing him with me for Easter. So I asked him to give me the honor of sharing his first church experience with me, his new wife, and to my surprise he wasn’t resistant at all. His answer: “Sure, why not. Do I need to go shopping for a fancy Easter suit?” Ha! I told him to come in whatever he felt comfortable in and to only stay if he was enjoying himself. He said we had a deal and the night before I ironed and laid out his clothes to be sure we would get the next day started on the right and wife at churh on easter sunday love homework

On Easter morning he tried to pretend he didn’t hear the alarm clock but I drug him out of bed just the same. He cracked a few jokes about hats and crazy suits when we got there but once he sat down and heard the music I saw a different kind of smile on his face. I held his hand tightly as we sat together in the back, where he said he’d feel most comfortable. The music was amazing and as I sang along and clapped my hands I noticed he still had a tight hold on mine. I looked over at him and smiled. Aww! He was a little nervous, very curious, and seemingly excited overall. Back when I decided to talk him into going I really had no clue what his reaction would be to any of it, so it really felt good to see him just taking it all in and seemingly so at peace with his decision to take me up on my offer to receive a blessing – whether he felt he needed it or not.

You see, The Man is always making jokes, so the fact that he didn’t crack a single one that whole service is a miracle in itself. And perhaps the second miracle that happened that day occurred in the parking lot when we were getting in the car. I chose not to say anything and to wait for his honest and untainted reaction first. As he took off his hat and hopped behind the wheel he turned and said to me: “That wasn’t so bad babe. I feel good. I could go back sometime. Will the music always be that good?” I laughed out loud and smiled back at him and said, “Yes it will, and yes we will. I’m proud of you for trying something new with me – real proud.”

On the way home we talked about the message in the sermon and what he most got out of it and how it could apply to our new marriage. Since I didn’t really expect him to even be receptive to it all imagine my surprise when he turned and said to me: “If Jesus died for our sins, the least I could do for you is remember to pick my pants up off the floor.” And there you have it, our “first” Easter church service together and a truly authentic Man and Wife moment. The brunch and the day that followed was one of the happier ones we’ve had all month!

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33 Responses to Love Homework: This Week Experience A First Together

  1. The Student says:

    This literally brought tears to my eyes. Praise God was all I could think. Charli, every since I read 14 things your blog readers don't know about you and you mentioned church…I have been praying for you both. I appreciate your honesty and I have faith that God knows your heart. I'm going to keep praying God's choice blessings over the lives of both your and your hubby.

    I must say, love the part where he was thinking of ways to apply the Word to your marriage.I love how God motivates my husband to think about how to apply the Word to our marriage as well. It is truly one of the most attractive things about him that provide me with a sense of spiritual intimacy that I can't even describe. I am so excited reading this. My heart is bubbling over with joy.

    Dear Man, I'm so glad you are willing to return to my Father's house. And yes…sometimes God's people can be a little creative with their Easter dress. We still love them. :) I say on behalf of any church within the Christian denomination that you choose to attend in the future…you are welcomed in the presence of the Lord any time. I hope you guys will continue to visit various churches and maybe even settle on one that you'd like to call your church home. Do I see you singing in the men's choir in the near future????

    Both of you have a blessed day!
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    • ManWifeDog says:

      Jocelyn, thanks SO much for praying for us. Now that brought tears to MY eyes. How wonderful of you. We are definitely letting the Lord in more these days and I know that it's a blessing. We're going to try our very best to be more regular church goers. I'm not sure how much i can get The Man to go, but I will not give up on pushing the issue. And you know I'll keep you posted!

  2. This made me very happy to read. My husband is a preacher's kid and has gotten very burnt out on church so we haven't been going as much as we probably should but we'll be stepping our chucrch game up some!

    Dear Man, I am so glad you enjoyed yourself and although I wouldn't say you have to go to church with Charli every Sunday, it is certainly nice to attend every once in a while. You are a good sport for giving it a try!
    My recent post Odds And Ends- Tuesday Edition

  3. Twitter Bestie says:

    That was an amazing story. I love the way y'all love. Truly beautiful, TB!

  4. alovelydai says:

    You two make me so proud. THIS is what it looks like to learn & grow with each other. I just love it!!!
    My recent post MusiqInTheMagiq- Review

    • ManWifeDog says:

      **MAJOR blushing** over here. Thank you girl! We try, we really do. It was our little Easter miracle. I hope our shared growth and lessons continue, I really do. I love "Musiq" so I'm headed over to read that post STAT!

  5. Mrs_Mommy_MD says:

    This is awesome!!! And you guys looked so cute in your Easter outfits :-D

    You and Gibran are a lot like Nate and I in this area (this was Nate's 2nd Easter Sunday in church with me – he didn't grow up going either)… It's so great that he was willing to give it a try AND he enjoyed it!

    I need to get in on the Love Homework…now that I won't have boring school homework for a few months lol, I'll try and get to it!
    My recent post Royal Wedding Anyone

    • ManWifeDog says:

      Yes, you do!! We'd looooove to have you. It's fun, promise. Thanks for the compliments. I felt like I was squeezing into that dress a little – ha! Does your hubby ever bring up going to church on his own?

      • Mrs_Mommy_MD says:

        No :-/ I have been going by myself usually. I have learned (through personal experience lol) not to force him to because that really won't help him keep an open mind about it and develop his own desire to go, but this Easter he just got dressed with everyone else and came on…lol
        My recent post Royal Wedding Anyone

        • ManWifeDog says:

          Yes, I agree that forcing him will not work. I hinted the other day that we should maybe just mark a few Sunday here and there when we should try to go and he gave me this "don't push it" look. Ha, I will keep you all updated for sure!

  6. Jordan says:

    i love this! good for you for bringing him along… you never know what someone will take out of it. awesome story.
    My recent post Weve got ourselves a graduate

  7. Carrie says:

    Beautiful Charli!! Love you two!!

  8. I tried the Church thing with my Husband,, he wasn't a fan =(.

    BUT – I have been wanting to play tennis and we have yet to do that together.. I need to purchase him a racket first.. Let ya know how it goes =)
    My recent post May- National Food Month

  9. nylse says:

    This is great and very encouraging for all the newlyweds. The spiritual dimension adds another level of intimacy to a marriage that's sometimes hard to explain to others. Glad he was receptive. And isn't it amazing how one can apply God's love to their lives – picking up his pants – that's great!!!
    My recent post A Chapter a Day – Proverbs 3

  10. Lakeshia says:

    I love your story and this assignment. For a few weeks now, I have been coming to this blog reading and contemplating on doing the homework, but reluctant for various reasons. This is an awesome story. My husband grew up going to church, but as an adult, he has strayed away from his upbringing, but my daughter and I attend regularly.

    My recent post What Do You Love Most About Him

  11. Jenny says:

    I would totally post about this, but the thing is my husband is boring and never wants to do anything with me, especially if it involves money. He's mostly the babysitter when I wanna do stuff. He keeps the kid out of the way. Makes me sad sometimes.

    But what a wonderful story :D You guys look so cute together.
    My recent post I hate my uterus

  12. the MRS. says:

    OHHHH I like this one!!!!
    My recent post Living with a boy V

  13. What a precious, precious story!!! Hey! I remembered to come over on Tuesday and get my homework assignment! Who knows, maybe that'll be my Wednesday post, and who knows, maybe I'll be featured on #CommentHour. Ok, I'm reaching a bit, but…. I loved your story my sweet friend!!!

    • ManWifeDog says:

      Jeanette!!! So glad you remembered to stop by. Can't wait to read your homework. I hope we BOTH get picked for comment hour tomorrow. I know people swear I get called every week but it's not true. (In my dreams!)

  14. ok I linked up my post but…. I copied the html for the Love Homework button and it didn't work. I copied the button and posted it and manually linked at the top of my post though. Hope this is ok.

  15. i stumbled on your blog while looking for pictures for my online. it's a work morning, but your style of writing and the look of the blog kept me curious enough to read the entire post and share the link on twitter. i'm happy for you and your man. i hope some day i find someone who'd encourage me to go back to church

  16. That was an amazing story. I love the way y'all love. Truly beautiful, TB!

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