Fab Posts Friday: Retro Photo Shoots, Reverse Gender Roles, Male Escorts and More!

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diy easter egg garland puppy love retro photo shoot and more

I read these posts this week and adored them. Read them, you will too!

Are you ready for awesome inspiration and a good laugh all rolled into one great post worth every second you spend reading it? If so, head on over to The Secret Life of A Warrior Woman and read What A Male Escort Taught Me About Going All The Way. It’s so not what you think – it’s even better!

In (Playtime) Our Broke Ass Photo Shoot over on Broke Ass Bride a wife and her husband travel back in time for one of the most awesome photo shoots I’ve seen in awhile. I seriously want to book their photographer right now to shoot our family just goofing around in the house. Love this!

Hi, my name is Charli and I love food. If you do too head on over to Where We Love Is Home and read Food. I Likes It. right now. This wife hopped on the scale and found twenty extra pounds and a new epiphany. She’s an amazing writer and this is a must read. (Note: This is NOT a crazy poor-me diet post, promise!)

Over on The Truth About Relationships, for obvious reasons, the post Letting the Man Be “The Man” caught my eye. It’s an awesome look at role reversals pros and cons in relationships. Go read it if you can relate in any way.

In Wee Words Wednesday: Childhood Puppy Love one of my favorite wifey bloggers over at The Science of Marriage shares a childhood photo of her and her hubby. (Yes, they were born to be together – so beautiful!)

Feeling crafty? There’s still time before Easter to try your hand at this fabulously creative DIY Easter Craft: Easter Egg Paint Chips Garland I found over on my new décor blog obsession Stagetecture.
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8 Responses to Fab Posts Friday: Retro Photo Shoots, Reverse Gender Roles, Male Escorts and More!

  1. The Student says:

    Awwwwwe! Thanks so much!
    My recent post Wee Words Wednesday- Childhood Puppy Love

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me. I'm glad you liked the post – it's been pretty popular. And good luck on the game show although I guess you know how it ended. :-)
    My recent post Poles Don’t Dance Like That- Surely

  3. nice post .. thanks for that ..

  4. Sonia says:

    I will have to check out these websites. Thanks for including them Charli. Has anyone tried that hamburger with the donuts as bread from that you picture? I remember seeing that on Man Vs Food show and thought how sweet it just taste!
    My recent post People Who Piss You Off the Most Teach You Most About Yourself

  5. Joelle says:

    Oh my gosh, thanks so much for the shout out! I'm just now catching up on some blog reads, and I just realized that you posted this! You are too sweet!

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend my dear. And I am so excited to see what else your blog has for me to read!
    My recent post Weekend Confessions

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