100 Things I Would Do If I Were My Husband (Numbers 18-23)

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basketball hoopAdding more to that little list I started the night I decided blogging and wine and iTunes go well together. (It came about from me hearing Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” on the radio) Well, the list goes on!

18. Suck it up and get my own iTunes account. I know you don’t like working out to the sudden sounds of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” any more than I enjoy cooking to the lovely sounds of 50 Cent.

19. At least acknowledge my wife during commercial breaks. She knows you love basketball and it’s playoffs, or whatever, right now, but the other day she literally did a cartwheel down the hallway and you didn’t even blink an eye. WTF?

20. Give my wife some kind of hint as to what to get me for my birthday. It’s coming up and she hasn’t a clue this time – and she’s running out of time to save on shipping costs!

21. Try to remember that I share a bed with two other family members and that neither my wife nor my dog enjoys waking up with a palm resting on our face.

22. Stop flipping out whenever The Dog rubs her butt across the hall runner. We got it on sale for like $5 – is it that serious? She can’t help it if she’s hairy back there!

23. Let me get another dog already! My campaign is only growing and I’m already leading in the primaries here buddy!

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8 Responses to 100 Things I Would Do If I Were My Husband (Numbers 18-23)

  1. Twitter Bestie says:

    Bwahahahahaha @ #19–a cartwheel? That's hilarious! And as for #21, uh, that's usually me. I've been told that I'm a bed hog and I don't share covers well. LOL–it's a work in progress!

  2. alovelydai says:

    Completely fell out LOL @ #18. We had the same issue which led to me getting my own iPod. His gangsta and underground rap was hurting my soul.

  3. foundthemarbles says:

    This is terrific! I bet I can think of a few for my husband….
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  4. Sonia says:

    #20 is my favorite. My birthday is on Monday and my boyfriend better not forget or he will be in the dog house.
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  5. The Student says:

    Charli! Okay I am going to have to address each one, one by one.

    18: Okay, look, "Man," she's right. Get it together! LOL! I do exactly the same thing. If it weren't for my stealing songs off of my husband's playlist, I wouldn't have any music at all.

    19: You are not the only one who gets totally ignored during "man tv" so don't feel too bad. We have the same struggle over here. I finally just stopped trying to compete with the sporting events for his attention. Cut the man some slack though…I know I have to because I completely ignore my husband when I'm writing a blog post. :( I guess the two are comparable.

    20: My husband keeps a list of stuff he wants to buy someday on Amazon….you might be able to check that out if your hubby does the same.

    21: I almost died when I read this…LOL! I have no advice here.

    22: That is kind of gross…I don't think its about the rug, or how much it cost so much as that's pretty nasty. Eewww! You might want to get your dog checked out. LOL!

    23: When you figure this one out let me know. My husband won't let me get the first dog!!! I've been pushing the issue of getting a dog for the longest. You know what my husband told me…if you want to know how to make me move out, then just go buy a dog! Of course he was kidding but it looks like we'll never get one at this rate.

    Nice post!
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  6. Allison says:

    I love this list! I know exactly what you mean about giving a little hint on what to get for a bday present! I never know either! :) And also, doing a cartwheel! .. I laughed pretty hard! That was good! :)
    Thanks for puttin a smile on my face today! :) I really enjoyed the list! Keep it coming!
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  7. JeLisa says:

    Lol. Love this! And I bet you'll get that second dog soon – we wives usually get our way. ;)
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