How to Play Your Marriage Like the Lottery

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lottery ticket stock imageLast night I started begrudgingly tossing all of the Mega Millions tickets my husband and I stocked up on last week when we were hoping that we’d be the lucky ones to take home $314M. It’s always more fun buying the tickets than it is checking them isn’t it? The Man always takes it harder than I do although I spend more time planning out what we’d do with our imaginary millions. As we read about the big winner in New York and tossed those little peach papers in the trash I thought to myself, just because we aren’t jackpot winners that doesn’t mean we can’t keep being lucky in love. Then this crazy brain of mine went a step further (of course) and started thinking just how much the game of marriage can be like a game of chance – if you really think about it. And, another addition to my little Marriage How-To Guide was born!

A Guide To Playing The Game Of Marriage Just Like You Play The Lotto

Hope and believe! You play the lottery with the belief that there’s a good chance you might come out a winner, so enter into your marriage with the belief that you’ll win at it. Translation: Stay positive!

Trust your gut! When you really don’t feel you have a chance of winning, or your gut tells you that “your numbers” aren’t due for awhile, you don’t play them. That’s your gut saving you a buck or two. Translation: When it comes to your marriage, using the same instincts can save you from a fight or two.

Don’t ever quit! All is not fair in lottery or love. Sometimes you hit, and sometimes you don’t, but does that ever stop you from playing? Translation: Marriage will undoubtedly have its highs and lows but a smart player never quits the game.

Don’t be afraid to go with a feeling! When you see the same total pop up on a store register three times in one day a little voice inside your head says “play those numbers” and so you do. When things between you are going well, just go with it! Translation: If something feels right in your marriage, It’s probably because it is.

Take a risk! You may or may not win your money back, but you will never have a chance of winning if you never play. Translation: After all, isn’t love the ultimate gamble?

Do you and your spouse take risks together? What kind?

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7 Responses to How to Play Your Marriage Like the Lottery

  1. Great post and great reminders for keeping a marriage healthy!

    Sopping by from SITS comment hour!

  2. Jackie says:

    Creative article – amen to the 'never quit' part!

    My recent post Euromillions Lottery Tickets Buy Online

  3. Graham says:

    Is marriage like a lottery. No. With a lottery you do stand a slight chance

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  5. Great post and I have to say….I'm a winner!!! LOL Stoppin' by from Comment Hour!

  6. Deniel says:

    Congratulations, you can not see the resultado lotofacil de hoje

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