Hello Spring! This Winter Marriage Was Busy, Cozy, and Tough At Times!

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After all of the snow we had this winter in New Jersey I for one am standing here with giant welcome signs happily ushering in the spring. Today it begins, and that means our first winter as husband and wife has officially wrapped. It was our first full season of married love and filled with laughs and lessons. Here’s a recap.

The Laughs

Building snowmen with my husband and finding other silly fun things with our time off during the snowpocalypse of 2010.

Being contestants on a game show (that will remain nameless for now until we get the okay on the air date) together and watching him complain about having to wear man makeup.

The Love

Our first Christmas and Valentine’s Day together were so special because they were a monumental part of our marriage. I’m big on holidays as it is, but being able to send out holiday cards from “The Watkins” just made my year. Words can barely even cover how happy I was while addressing them.

It was a cold, cold, winter and sharing a blanket and a good movie with my husband topped my list of the best things to do after a long day. We proved we only need each other to be happy. No pricey dinner dates needed!

The Lessons

After realizing it had sometimes been days since we had a real conversation with each other we learned the importance of making time for each other even if we’re busy.

We found that being rich on love doesn’t make money any less of an issue. We got utility bills that were out of this world, found ourselves fighting over filling our taxes, and got the blues when we realized we don’t make enough to save the way we’d hoped. But, we talked about it, formulated some plans, and we’re getting through it together.

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