A LOVEly Story: Emergency Helicopter Physician Finds Wife On His Table

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Do you believe in fate? Most days I exercise my free will and try to imagine that in this world the hard work we put in and the decisions we make (both good and bad) are actually what dictate our futures, not something predestined for us despite our best or worst efforts.

With that being said, when it comes to love I throw all that talk out the window and believe wholeheartedly in the force of fate and how it can bring two people together when it must. The Man and I were at the exact same event twice in our lives before we actually met. When I think about it, it really makes me think: Wow, I got three chances to meet the guy of my dreams!?! There’s no way that’s a coincidence! In our case, luckily the third time was a charm, and the universe got to take some time off to go help another clueless pair get the memo that they’re supposed to be together.(Smiles)

Here’s a beautiful example. Watch this video news clip about an emergency helicopter physician who found himself fighting to keep his own wife alive on the way to the hospital. He broke the rules (twice) to save her life and aid in her quick recovery. It’s a tearjerker for sure, but with a very happy ending. Do you believe in fate when it comes to love?

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2 Responses to A LOVEly Story: Emergency Helicopter Physician Finds Wife On His Table

  1. Single Life 2 Married Wife says:

    I completely agree with you! and what an amazing story… I meet my Husband at the most perfect time and we have been together since that night…

    I knew… ;)
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