A Special Hello To My SITS Girls Comment Cocktail Hour Visitors

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Tonight’s the second SITS Girls Comment Cocktail Hour party on Twitter (#CommentHour). Last Wednesday I stayed up until like 1a.m. meeting all sort of awesome new SITS Girl bloggers and showing their fabulous blogs some comment love. So, if you’re visiting tonight from the SITS party, welcome! Read, enjoy, and comment where you see fit. So glad to have you visit my blog! (P.S. If you’re a woman, you blog, and you want to befriend and draw support from others just like you, you need to be a SITS girl, like now!)

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7 Responses to A Special Hello To My SITS Girls Comment Cocktail Hour Visitors

  1. Rachael says:

    Saw you on the Cocktail Hour and had to say – I LOVE YOUR NAME! It's my daughter's name -and we always get weird looks, but I think it's awesome for a girl!!
    My recent post My baby can say lots of words!!

  2. Abiola says:

    Just dropping by to show your blog some love. I didn't even know about the cocktail hour. :-) xoxo
    My recent post Josh Xantus Gets the Abiola Interview- The LSD Talk Show New Season Premieres! VIDEO

  3. Patrice says:

    Glad to see you are participating again!! I've been meaning to make it back over here since last week… tonight I'm doing last week and tonight.. A LOT of blog hopping! Anyway, I love your blog & I added you to my reader so I would remember to come back! :D
    My recent post Welcome!

  4. adriana iris says:

    Ty for the visit look forward in reading you and visiting

  5. shaynnaB says:

    thank you so much for the blog love for #sits #commenthour – such a great thing! I just got a Nikon camera for Christmas so I was testing it out for that blog so I am glad you liked the pics!! I look forward to looking at you blog and chatting in the future!

  6. gau says:

    nice as always. snaphacktut.com

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