Fab Posts Friday: DIY Decor Bombs, Gumbo Potato Salad, Texas Style Parties, and More!

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It’s Fab Posts Friday! (AKA link love day!) I read these posts this week and loved them, and I’m thinking you will too!

In 6 Things You Shouldn’t Have In Common With Your Mate we get help prepping for one very funny (and real!) compatibility test you and your boo don’t want to pass, courtesy of one of my favorite blogs, Alovelydai.

Who wants Creamy Gumbo Potato Salad for dinner tonight? (Yum!) You can learn how to make it over at Deep South Dish, assuming your recipe following skills are more on par than mine. (I won’t attempt for fear that it won’t at all look like this photo, but I still feel compelled to share!)

Feeling like a failure for foiling a home décor project? Don’t! Just take it in stride like my girl over at The Chocolate Knot does as she highlights her do-it-yourself hits and misses (with before and after photos!) in DIY Winners and Losers.

I love a good party! (Especially one with a theme!) If you do too, get a sneak peak at how Texas wives host a party in A Texas Style Celebration over on Wide Open Spaces.

Over on Becoming Mrs. Allan one wife rants about those awful “sausage muffin tops” pantyhose create, and raves about a new line from L’eggs in Best Invention Ever. It’s hilarious and honest. (My favorite combo!)

My dad has a saying that goes: “You can lie to everyone, but yourself!” I live by it, and one of my newest blogger besties, Jia, apparently does too. Check out her post Love, Yourself, a very touching and honest open letter she wrote to herself (obviously) about not giving up on achieving the weight loss goals she’s set for herself over on her blog Untypically Jia. (I applaud her courage for posting before photos. I’ve done it, and it’s not easy putting yourself out there like that.) So show her some love ladies!

Although the idea of Breast Milk Ice Cream is the total opposite of fabulous (gag!) I have to give a shout out to the Natural and Organic Body Care blog for turning it into an intelligent debate.

Read something great you want to share? Post the link below! I’m all about sharing the blogger love. TGIF!

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8 Responses to Fab Posts Friday: DIY Decor Bombs, Gumbo Potato Salad, Texas Style Parties, and More!

  1. yul says:

    that's interesting..

    moving to the linkies to read 'em =)

    Came over from cocktail hour, nice to meet you.

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  2. Jordy says:

    thanks for the shout out! :)
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  3. the MRS. says:

    I love your link lists!

  4. Alovelydai says:

    Thanks for the blog love, you rock!!!

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