This (Hilarious!) Super Bowl Ad Has A Message About Marriage

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That message is: Choose your battles wisely people! The wife in this Pepsi max ad is clearly obsessed with making sure her husband eats properly all the time, which is only making him want to eat a greasy burger more. Meanwhile she might want to spend a little less time on that and a little more time addressing why her husband feels it’s okay to openly flirt with another woman right in front of her face. If I had to choose between watching Gibran undress another lady with his eyes in my presence or watching him demolish a fat-filled Big Mac, I’d prefer the later any day. Wouldn’t you? LOL! Bonus message: When he does go there, violence is NOT the answer!


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4 Responses to This (Hilarious!) Super Bowl Ad Has A Message About Marriage

  1. lisa says:

    I totally loved this commercial because as the jealous type I could soooo see it being me. But you're right, violence is never the answer. Now I want a nice greasy cheeseburger

  2. the MRS. says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    oh this just made me laugh!

  3. Alexis says:

    Totally agree Mrs. P-W lol ! I would rather WP eat a fat greasy piece of chicken( other half doesn’t eat any red meat lol) than picture a chick stark naked while I’m sitting right next to him picturing him naked lol.

    Loving my other half!

  4. The marriage are always very important for all the couples because in this way they can enjoy their real life. I should suggest all the couples to enjoy their marriage life.

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