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Our Weird Love Habits Featured in Redbook Magazine (On Newsstands Now!)

The feature’s called “Your Weird, Awkward, Dorky, But Somehow Romantic Moments” and of course we qualify. I share my addiction for karaoke video games and how awesome my husband is for playing them with me to cheer me up. (His … Continue reading

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New Study Says Sleeping With Your Dog Can Spread Infectious Disease (Whatever!)

I see a lot of health research headlines online each day, but this one almost made me spit out my iced-tea. Apparently some new report recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that dog owners can … Continue reading

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Yup Even The Dog is Rooting for The Jets to Go All The Way

The Man is really a die-hard Indianapolis Colts fan but when they lost to The Jets he decided not to be a sore loser and support the home team. Now, The Dog is on board too. Me? I could honestly … Continue reading

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Separate But Equal Nights (Every Marriage Needs Them)

What are they? Nights when we both agree to disagree on what to do together so we decide to do things apart. These nights make our marriage stronger. They keep us from smothering each other or going crazy because we’ve … Continue reading

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Dear Husband: It Is Your Selflessness That Humbles Me

Dear Man, Tonight even though I spent hours on the computer in the other room and ignoring you and the football you were watching, when you realized your were hungry and got up to make snack you still thought of … Continue reading

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Date Night: We Are Trying Out the Cinema Suites Experience Tonight

We’ve been putting it off for weeks because something kept coming up, but I’m psyched because tonight we’re headed to AMC Theatres Essex Green to try out this Cinema Suites experience everyone’s raving about. Here’s the skinny: A few theaters … Continue reading

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