My Wedding Weight Loss Story Is On Today

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If something is making it into our family scrapbook you’ll definitely hear about it here first. Today on my weight-loss journey is featured as part of a wedding weight loss piece called “These Brides Lost 50 Pounds Each For Their Wedding (And How You Can Too!)”. I was nervous about spilling all the details for such a big audience, but the whole thing came out so sweet. The other woman featured in the post looks SO amazing. You must see her weight loss transformation ladies. (So inspiring!) Plus, I’m so proud of myself for finally having the confidence to reveal the one photo from my biggest days that I hate the most!

Charli Penn wedding weight loss feature on

If you have a sec, pay a visit to and give it a read. Be sure to leave a comment to show your support for the writer Meredith Bodgas (a good friend and an excellent and entertaining writer!)

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8 Responses to My Wedding Weight Loss Story Is On Today

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Congrats! Going to read it now!

  2. PJ DeCicco says:


    That is so great, you have so much self control! We need to have a doggy playdate, we have a 8 month old french bulldog named Ella. I told my girlfriend, Lauren, about your blog last night and heard her laughing from the other room- its a hit!

  3. Whitney says:

    Congratulations! I think I'll head over and read that article =)


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