4 Tasks A Man Should Always Let His Wife Handle (Whether His Ego Can Handle It Or Not!)

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Last week when I blogged about the things a wife should always defer to her husband on, I promised that I’d follow it up with a post about the reverse. Well, I’m a woman of my word! So here goes part two of that discussion. Husbands listen up!

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1. Speak to police officers. Guys, you can’t win this one. Whether you two have just been busted for speeding or you’re trying to negotiate your way out of a parking ticket or tow, there’s just no way a police officer (male or female) would rather hear from you. Let your wife present your case and handle any and all debating. If you don’t want a ticket, that is. I’m a firm believer that we women just have a way of explaining things with more logic and less passion in the heat of the moment. Men are more likely to come over as arrogant or out of control than women are nine times out of ten. Fall back fellas and let her do her best, and you might just walk away with a warning or lesser fine. In my experience, when Gibran starts talking the cops stop listening. I on the other hand have had much better luck getting over.

2. Sort the laundry. Gibran has shrunk so many of my sweaters and dresses that I could probably donate an entire wardrobe to a small child. The whole reading the care labels thing just never seems to click for him, and in his language “Dry Clean Only” translates to “wash with delicates”. Now, I’m not saying all men do this, but from the gripes I hear out there the majority of you guys are guilty as charged! Don’t even get me started on Gibran putting my lights and my darks together. Now on the one hand I feel guilty complaining at all because I’m grateful he helps out with household duties, but on the other hand my heart breaks every time I pull something out of the dryer four sizes smaller than it was when it went in there. Our solution: I sort. He loads. If you’ve been burned like I have ladies you should try it.

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3. Load the dishwasher. It’s not rocket science, but my husband makes the idea of putting glassware up top and cookware down below seem like brain surgery. (Sorry babe, but it’s true!) I have literally given him a dishwasher loading tutorial hundreds of times and every time I let him load unattended I wind up finding chipped glasses and crusty plates. The truth is, I just don’ t think he cares! Luckily, I do.

4. Bathe or groom your pet. Certain tasks require a little extra tender love and care. Bathing our fur-baby is one of them. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t feel very manly when he’s scrubbing bubbles on an eight pound dog, or maybe he just doesn’t like the idea of brushing anyone’s hair other than his. I don’t know. But I do know the first and last time The Man bathed The Dog unattended she looked like she’d strolled through a car wash off-leash and then walked through a wind storm. Then poor Karma spent the rest of the evening trying to shake all the water from her ears. My poor baby! So needless to say I handle her tub time these days.

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9 Responses to 4 Tasks A Man Should Always Let His Wife Handle (Whether His Ego Can Handle It Or Not!)

  1. Scot Hacker says:

    Poor, poor Gibran. All I can say is, I'm glad my wife isn't as web-savvy as you! :)

  2. Alexis says:

    I must say I am soooooo lucky with well u know who WP lol he has become a mr fix-it although sometimes a bit scary. . He will wash dishes and clothes will I'm grading my papers or working out! But talking to the cops yeah so not him u know since he os one lol they tend to wanna always beat their chest at each other. As for my Sasha it's all a front he loves her and I've come home a few timed with her bathed and even her nails clipped. Shhhh and on a rare occasion he even let's her kiss him. Love my other half

  3. Johanna says:

    Just thought I'd add a funny note: CP won't let me do his laundry. I think he's afraid i'll pull a "Gibran" and shrink his clothes. He is a lot more detail oriented and plus he uses fabric softener. I don't even know how to do that lol.

  4. Sammi says:

    Ya I have to say I kind of disagree. I've never seen my boyfriend wash a dog but I'm sure he could do it just fine. I don't think he'd want to if it was a little dog but a big dog sure. And as for laundry I never sort. That may sound bad but I never have problems and anything delicate I hand wash anyways. So I think he'd be fine there and as for talking to police men I am too shy. I am not nearly as good at BSing as he is. Sure I could show them my "wits" or something but as for talking my other half is better. Only thing I might agree with is dishes but I'm pretty lazy when it comes to that and HATE doing dishes so him helping is good enough for me.:P

  5. Tiffany says:

    Omg i'ts so annoying when hubby puts cups in the bottom of the dishwasher!!! I thought I was all alone :)

  6. Poor, poor Gibran. All I can say is, I'm glad my wife isn't as web-savvy as you!

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