Meet A Wife Monday: Stephanie Volpe Drops By

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A lot of things inspire me to want to keep my marriage healthy and happy. One of them is meeting other wives who are making it work every day, and loving it. I knew quite a few before I said “I do”, and since Man Wife and Dog Blog was born I’ve met so many more. They’re all so fabulous I want you to meet them too. So, I introduce to you Meet A Wife Mondays. First up, meet my good friend Stephanie Connor Volpe!

Stephanie and CJ Volpe

The Wife: Stephanie, 33

The Man: CJ, 33

But You Can Call Them: The Volpes

How She Snagged Him: “We were great friends before we dated and we spent more and more time with one another. Before we knew it we realized we were soul mates.”

Married Since: May 2008

Harry and Rascal the catsThe Pets: Cats Harry and Rascal

Place They Call Home: A spacious two-bedroom apartment in downtown Montclair, NJ.

How She Pays the Bills: Event Planner

How He Pays the Bills: Media Relations Manager

What Makes Her Man Hot: “He laughs at my jokes, he’s cute, plus he loves me.”

A Wife Highlight: “I love curling up under my heating blanket with him and watching really bad reality TV!”

A Wife Gripe: “My husband constantly complains about being hot when I am constantly cold. I cannot deal with our ongoing battle over who controls the heat.”

Marriage Mantra: “Always have each others’ backs!”

The 2-Year Plan: “We are hoping to move into a home of our dreams!”

Wifey Wisdom: “Always take care of your family first.”

Enjoyed meeting Steph? Leave a comment for her below or drop her a line here. She won’t bite, promise!

Want to drop by Meet A Wife Mondays? Contact The Wife to join the lineup.

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4 Responses to Meet A Wife Monday: Stephanie Volpe Drops By

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  3. Tiffany says:

    He's a Georgia fan. I like :)

  4. ManWifeDog says:

    One of the things I admire most about Stephanie and CJ is their "friendship" factor. She's not lying when she says they started out as friends. It shows in their chemistry and interactions when you're around them! Thanks for stopping by Steph!

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