Survey Says: Yes, There Is Such Thing As The Marrying Type (Plus Marriage Makes Men Nicer!)

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The very fascinating findings of a recent survey comparing men’s behavior before they marry, during the marriage, and after one were recently highlighted on a New York Time’s blog. What’s perhaps most captivating about it is that the study compared twin males to help isolate biological and environmental factors. (Basically, is he born the marrying-type of does a woman make him that way?) Here are the meat and potatoes of the findings:

“The Source Does Marriage Inhibit Antisocial Behavior? An Examination of Selection vs. Causation via a Longitudinal Twin Study, by S. Alexandra Burt, Archives of General Psychiatry, a publication of the American Medical Association.

Women have long been saddled with the onus of ‘civilizing men.’ According to studies of varying reliability, once under the womanly wing of matrimony, men work more, make more money, go to church more, eat more healthily and drink less unhealthily. Sociologists refer to this as ‘the marriage effect.’

But there has long been a niggling question: Is marriage responsible for turning the beastly male into a well-behaved husband? Or are the upstanding men the ones who marry in the first place? The debate is between selection bias (men who marry are not misbehavers) and causation (married men don’t misbehave). According to a new study from Michigan State University, the answer is a bit of both.”

As it turns out, men who were born in the 1970s and exhibited less “anti-social” (AKA badass) behavior during their teen years were more likely to be married by 29, do even less badass things when they were married, and stick with their marriage. So the moral of the story? If he’s good to you now he will probably continue to be, and if he’s not treating you right, he ain’t the marrying type! Thoughts girls (and guys!)? (Would love to hear what you so-called bachelor-types have to say about this one!)

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2 Responses to Survey Says: Yes, There Is Such Thing As The Marrying Type (Plus Marriage Makes Men Nicer!)

  1. Summer says:

    Thanks CPW! I think some guys are hardwired to WANT to get married whereas others are less inclined to tie the knot. Whether that makes them nicer, I'm not so sure. Have plenty of friends with "nice" husbands who become much less so when kids come into play. You shouldn't have to "ask" your hubs to help out with the kids, folks. If half your DNA is sitting right across from you puking his guts out all over the couch, it's time to man up and take care of it — not call your wife from the other room and have her jump in and play mommy.

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