Date Night: We Are Trying Out the Cinema Suites Experience Tonight

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AMC cinema suites experience

The new AMC cinema suites

We’ve been putting it off for weeks because something kept coming up, but I’m psyched because tonight we’re headed to AMC Theatres Essex Green to try out this Cinema Suites experience everyone’s raving about. Here’s the skinny: A few theaters in the country are testing this new concept. You basically get to go to see movie, pick your seats as you would on an airplane beforehand, and lounge in luxury recliners while you order appetizers, entrees, cocktails, and traditional theater snacks right from your seat. Then a server brings them to you, just like at a restaurant, while you watch! Interested yet? We sure the heck are. So, we’re headed there tonight to give it a go. Sound like the perfect dinner and a movie date night after a long week – which we’ve both had. Plus, movie dates are extra special for us because…The Man and I went on a movie date every single Friday for the first year we were together. It’s been our favorite kind of date since the beginning of our relationship, and though we don’t go every Friday anymore, we do try to cuddle up in a theater at least once a month and we probably watch like three movies a week at home together when we can squeeze ‘em in. (Hey cable On Demand has spoiled us!) So, we’re off to the 10:15 showing of dilemma (preview below!), and we’ll report back. There are only like four theaters in the whole country offering this experience right now, so we we’ll be sure to a report back on how it went (with photos) tomorrow. My cousin Charles and his fabulous girlfriend Johanna already tried it out and her blog recap only made us want to go more. See ya!

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5 Responses to Date Night: We Are Trying Out the Cinema Suites Experience Tonight

  1. That sounds very much like Alamo Drafthouse here in Texas with the dinner and movie concept. It's pretty cool.

    • ManWifeDog says:

      Yeah, well I'm bummed because we never got to try it. We got there and it was sold out!! Sigh…we're going to try again next Friday for sure. Is the Alamo Drafthouse owned by AMC?

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