Do Wedding Rings Bring the Creeps Around?

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wedding rings and men

A very creepy man tried to pick me up at the train station this morning. I’m not calling him that just to be mean. It was how the way he went about the whole thing that me made it so darn creepy. Here’s how the whole thing went down:

(I’m minding my business walking towards the train platform.)
Random Guy: “Hey, what’s your name?”
Me: “Charli”
Random Guy: “Don’t you want to know mine?”
Me: “Not really, but have a nice day.”
(Random Guy walks away!)
Random Guy as he’s walking away: “Well can I have your #?”
Me: “Nope, I’m married sorry!”
(Random Guy approaches me on platform 5 minutes later again!)
Me: “Can I help you?”
Random Guy: “So how long have you been married? Not too long I hope?”
Me: “That’s none of your business.”
Random Guy: “So what, are you afraid that if we become friends something might happen? Is that why you won’t give me your number? Do I intimidate you?”
(I bite my lip and try not to laugh)
Me: “No buddy, you’re not intimidating me you’re scaring me! Again, have a nice day!”
Random Guy: “I guess that means I can’t save you a seat on the train?”
(Me walking away fast…)
Me: “NO!”

What the ______? Now, I know men are very “frank” these days, but this guy brought the art of the pick-up line down to a new level of lame. He was pretty pathetic overall and his arrogance just took away any cool point he’d gained for confidence. But perhaps, what saddens me most about his behavior is that I know the only reason he even uses lines like these is because it has worked on some woman, somewhere before – at least once. Otherwise he wouldn’t have approached me so confidently.

That’s when it hit me! (Eureka!) There is definitely one thing that has changed since I’ve become a wife, and that’s the type of men who approach me or flirt with me in public. Before the rock, the men I’d see eyeing me or who came up to me were sometimes decent, other’s even more so, and only occasionally too strange or rude to handle. Now all of those guys who would have normally said “hi” or “can we talk for a minute” catch a glimpse of my ring and then don’t even bother. (Smart guys!) But the creeps – now, they don’t even care! It’s like they’re drawn to unavailable women or something! I’ve been approached by more weirdos since my wedding day than ever before in life. Which is sort of interesting, no? So let me get this straight: Suddenly, the normal guys know better and therefore don’t try, but the weirdest of the weird guys find it to be a “challenege” they hope to overcome? What does it say about someone who’s willing to potentially cause harm to a marriage without even knowing anything about a person or a couple? Kind of said, and sort of fascinating all at the same time.

My husband and I got a good laugh out of the whole thing on my ride in when I called him to tell the tale, but I’m curious what you think? Ladies, if you’re married have all the good men gone the other way? Have the creepy ones come over instead? Maybe you’ve experienced just the opposite? So, I want to know: Does being married or being in a relationship bring more bad news guys around, or good ones?


The Wife

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15 Responses to Do Wedding Rings Bring the Creeps Around?

  1. Donyetta says:

    I've had "weird" run ins like that. After being harrassed by one man even though I told him I was married I finally asked, 'Would you like to meet my husband?' to which he replied, 'If you want me to!'. SMH.

    Then there's always the, 'your husband doesn't let you have friends?!' question. I have enough friends and I'm not looking to add to the collection, thank you.

  2. Tarry says:

    I purposely try to take my children with me as "dirty old men repellant". I have them and I have the ring. It still doesn't work.

    The one I get most often goes more like this

    Random Dude: "Hey Miss Lady"

    Me: (scowling & rolling eyes) "Hey."

    Random Dude: "Smile, it's going to be alright"

    Me: "I'm fine, thanks"

    Random Dude: "You married?"

    Me: "Yes."

    Random Dude: "You happy?"

    Me: "Yes, very" —silently go about my business with a slight attitude—-

    Random Dude: "You ain't gotta act like that, I'm just trying to be nice"

    Me: —-trying my best to hurry the heck up an get out of dodge——–

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  7. Ugh. I've been there. Children are great protection but if you don't have any of those, well, ugh. My sympathies!
    My recent post 3 Things I Never Told You- A Letter To My Kids

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  9. I can't believe he would have met your husband. Wow! Nuts!! Yeah, there are some real crazies out there. Scary stuff!

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