A Wife Has A Right to A Ladies Night

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karaoke at duet 35 in new york city
Oh, girls just wanna have fun!

One of the things I respect most about the relationship I have with my husband is that we have a live and let live policy when it comes to our individual social lives. Sure we enjoy each other’s company and we like experiencing new things together, but we also recognize that a relationship that smothers will eventually suffocate your happiness. So even though it’s been very hard to find time to spend together these last few weeks we realized that we need to spend time alone and with our friends just as much. Being busy doesn’t excuse you from making time for your own personal passions or for the friends you say “I’ll call you tomorrow” and then don’t.

Last week, I made time for my NYC girls Cait and Hallie. We got together for karaoke and Duet 35 in the city after work and even though we were there to discuss a little business too, it was so therapeutic to spend a night with the girls. So much so in fact, I just had to do it again. So I did on Saturday night. Gibran was glued to the playoffs on TV all weekend (though his Eagles lost so he’s all about the Jets for now) anyway so I decided to steal a little more ladies’ time. I went out to dinner with my best friend Twanna and one of oldest dearest friends Quadee. We wound up downing cocktails and entrees at Houlihans all evening and enjoying some much needed catch up conversation. There’s nothing like a little girl power to get you revved up for the week to come.

Today was a good Monday, and I felt good about it. And whether they know it or not, hanging out with all of the fabulous ladies I mentioned in this post had a lot to do with how I felt today. So, here’s to girl power, and hoping you’ve been energized lately. And, of course, to the smart men who support such girls-only fun, and have their own lives to tend to instead of trying to control yours!

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