Marriage and Holiday Shopping Do Not Mix

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Today the hubby and I set off to endure the lines, crowds, and traffic in the hopes of crossing off all of the names on our holiday list. Yes, we’re last minute shoppers – guilty! I just started working again two months ago and he never knows what to get anyone without my help. So yesterday was pay day, and today was supposed to be The Day to get everything done.

The day started off well – I went to my usual Weight Watchers meeting and he stayed home and prepared the lists. We were supposed to go to about four different places, but we made it to Target, had a couple meltdown and went home. Here’s why: We can’t seem to agree on our roles in this marriage. We both want to be decorators – not good! Gibran, unlike many husbands I’m sure, actually CARES what we use to decorate our home. As you saw last week, I had already bought quite a few Christmas decorations. Well, I wasn’t done. Gibran thought I was. However, I was just warming up. When I saw matching appetizer plates, mugs, and tumblers to match the holiday set I already purchased (on sale no less!) I figured I’d go for it and splurge a little bit. (We were in Target, not Neiman Marcus people.) So, I threw them all in the cart. Gibran immediately picked a fight about how I was wasting money on Christmas decorations. I reminded him that we’re hosting Christmas breakfast in our apartment for the first time and I want it to be lovely. Instead of listening to my explanation, he began to add up what all of the decorations would cost us – one by one.

We had it out in the middle of the bedding and home aisle at Target. It went something like this: Wife: “I want a matching set! We’ll keep these as the years go by. You’re being cheap!” Man: “We have enough sh*t honey. Why are you wasting money on this? All I see is more junk you’re going to have me finding places to store in like a week!” This back and forth went on and on for like 10 minutes until we realized we were starting to yell pretty loudly and other people shopping (and one very nosy Target employee) were actually watching us.

So, we dropped it. As so I thought. I left the stuff in the cart and proceeded to keep shopping for the stuff on our list. Gibran didn’t let up and we literally argued our way through every department in Target and once more in line – where I got so frustrated that I started throwing things out of the cart and on top of the candy and other random impulse buys they have on display there. I felt defeated. I put back about half of the things I really wanted to buy. So, I thought: I really want them, but was my husband right? Was I being silly? Or impulsive? In that moment I felt like a smart and savvy shopper who had a plan and caught a sale. Why not stock up for our future holiday celebrations? My husband felt like as though I was wasting cash and falling for the usual holiday clichés. Have I taken festive too far? Is it wrong to want a reindeer appetizer plate to match our reindeer table runner? Can a wife have too many snowflake serving plates? Grrr…today being married was frustrating. I don’t recall BF or fiancé Gibran being so concerned with holiday décor or money. Sigh…

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