Karma’s Cute New Holiday Coat

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houndstooh dog coat yorkie in coat

Each year around the holidays I break the norm and buy Karma ONE piece of clothing. I never wanted to be one of those women who dresses up her dog like a baby, so I usually just get her something practical and chic like a sweater or hoodie. This year I splurged on a houndstooth coat. It is too cute to handle. I found this little belted cape coat on The Limited’s website a few weeks ago. Each year they make one or two items for dogs that coordinates with an outfit from their winter line. (For those who want their dogs to be divas like them, I guess.) I’ve never gone that far, but when I saw this, I won’t lie, I did buy it for her because I wished they had one for sale for me. It’s been a hit everywhere she goes – like an out of control hit! – and people keep asking where I got it. So, now you know. Only problem is, rumor has it this haute little doggie number sold out in two days. Sorry folks! If I find something else like it, I’ll let you know.

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3 Responses to Karma’s Cute New Holiday Coat

  1. I had no idea The Limited even sold dog items…thanks for sharing. Karma looks adorable in her houndstooth coat!

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