Women Are Apples Men Are Tree Climbers (Dedicated to All the Single Ladies!)

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I just “stumbled” across this awesome analogy about dating, love, and self confidence on the web. (Found it using the totally underrated Stumble Upon tool.) It really speaks to self-esteem, dating, and what it means to have the optimism to know he’s out there and the patience to wait for him to come. I’m dedicating this one to all the single ladies out there. I found this inspirational little ditty here. Believe it ladies. Every. Single. Word. I found my tree climber even when I doubted his existence and honestly you will too. I know it. He came to me when I least expected it, in a form I didn’t see coming either. He was willing to climb higher for me, and I didn’t have to fall down for him. No reaching downward ladies, just hold your heads high and wait on your post for him to come to you. Okay? Promise? Thanks! Love ya!

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7 Responses to Women Are Apples Men Are Tree Climbers (Dedicated to All the Single Ladies!)

  1. miss young says:

    I've heard this before and while it is nice to hear, it is a bummer to know that this REAL love thing may take even longer. LOL!

    miss young

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