The Dog’s A Twitter Superstar Today!!

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Charli Penn and Karma Angel Penn Watkins

Karma posing pretty at our engagement shoot! (Di Bezi Photography)

Each day the gang at People Magazine’s ask their 987,724 Twitter followers (@PEOPLEPets) to submit their cutest pet photos, and they select a daily winner. Well, I only found out about this yesterday, and I submitted this awesome pic of my cute shoes and my even cuter Yorkie Karma today, and guess what?!? She won! She’s their star of the day. And, I quote: “Talk about star quality – Karma the Yorkie has it! Congrats to @ManWifeDog, you won today’s #cutepic contest!” This was one of my favorites from our fabulous Engagement Session with Di Bezi Photography on the Hoboken waterfront (where we fell in love!).  Visit her blog to see more shots from the shoot!

Our baby’s famous today. I even got a few @replies about the shoes. If you’re interested, I found them at DSW and they’re by Guess. I found them in the spring, but here’s an updated version if you’re interested!

Special thanks to Diana from Di Bezi Photography for taking the lovely photo!

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4 Responses to The Dog’s A Twitter Superstar Today!!

  1. I love this list!!!! You are so family oriented and I'm glad to call you my sister. I think you forgot one thing: the launch of man wife and dog!!!! I'm putting it on my list because I know how hard you work to have a piece of a dream come true.



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